Say what?? I’m actually here…

So its currently a Sunday evening, after a somewhat lovely “summers” day in London. We spent the afternoon at the park drinking cider and working on our tans for Greece, so we don’t rock up there in three weeks the same colour as the pure white sands.

I feel like this blog will be an amazing way to document our lives over here in London, as well as a way for me to feel like I am using my brain, since I have put my studies on hold while we are over here and my job doesn’t require an IQ score higher then 50 to do (I manage a cafe).

Ever since I was a teenager, I imagined basing myself in London and travelling as much as I can, however as I got older things in my life made me think this dream of mine would never happen…. and then I met Lachlan, and let me tell you this, never say never. My boyfriend has given me the opportunity to live this dream and it’s 100x better with him by my side, than what it would have been if I were to do this by myself. Since we’ve been here we have tried to travel as much as possible, its super easy when companies like Ryanair and Easyjet sell flights for ridiculously low prices, seriously they’re so cheap. In Australia I would pay like 3x the amount just to fly to a different city, but £20 for a return flight to Spain, I’m there!

I am not a writer, I’m not going to pretend to be a perfect writer, in fact my brain tends to lean towards the science side (hence the psychology degree), so please forgive me if my grammar isn’t 100% perfect and sometimes my sentences may be too long, but that’s just me. I feel a little self conscious about this, not that I am expecting anyone to ever read this but it’s a little weird putting this out there. I’m honestly just an average girl (seriously I’m currently sitting here with BBQ sauce stain from my dinner on my shirt), who has somehow managed to end up living this life of travelling and love.

Anyway, I think this is enough for my first post,
But I’ll be back,

Love Hannah

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