So I’ve been so MIA on here, mostly because I’m currently on holiday in Greece (amazing) I really don’t want to leave and head back to reality. I feel like if I did the whole trip in one post it may be too long so I might do it island by island…

We started our holiday with a Topdeck sailing tour of the Cyclades, strong winds delayed the return of a few of our boats and so our itinerary was slightly delayed, meaning we spent our first night on the departure island of Mykonos instead of in Paros. This actually worked better for Lachy and I since we had left London at 10pm the night before and didn’t arrive in Mykonos until about 8am and hadn’t slept (my mistake thinking it had been a good idea to fly overnight) But because after our Topdeck tour we had a week in Mykonos it didn’t matter if we spent our afternoon napping on the boat.

Our Topdeck tour didn’t start until 2pm and as I said we arrive about 8am that morning which meant we had 6 hours to kill with all our luggage and having not slept. We took an expensive taxi (€20 for literally a 7 minute drive- lesson learnt no more taxis) from the airport to Tourlos port (the new port) where our tour left from, we quickly discovered that there’s absolutely nothing there and after walking around a bit decided to catch the sea bus into Mykonos town, much better priced at €4 for a return trip.

We ended up having breakfast at a cute little seafront restaurant called Raya, that was filled it comfy couches and an amazing view, perfect for two over tired travellers.
Breakfast was simple but amazing and fairly well priced, we ended up going back here when we arrived back in Mykonos after our Topdeck tour.
As night fell and we had met up with our Topdeck group we headed out for dinner to a lovely restaurant and then out for drinks to party our first night as a group.

More posts coming with recommendations of restaurants, things to do and my favourite islands!

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