Not the best photography but this is pretty much how we spent our first week here in Greece, living the yacht life on our Topdeck tour. I think the best thing about this tour was that each day we got a swim spot that if we weren’t on our own yachts, with Greek skippers we wouldn’t have gotten to see. Our first swim spot was about 2 hours out of Mykonos, the first thing I noticed about the oceans here were that even though the water was about 9m deep you could still see the bottom, ridiculously clear and salty enough that you can float with barely any effort.

Paros was the next stop, I wish we got more time on this island, the down side to this tour was we only got about half a day in each island (depending of course on sail times). It took us about 3 hours of sailing from the swim spot to get into Paros, having us arrive quite late in the afternoon, about 5pm.

We did a little bit of exploring on our own, seeing the church that was built in the 4th century, as you can see the sun wasn’t in my favour and therefore the photos aren’t amazing, so I apologise for that.

We also stumbled across this adorable little church? I’m not sure but I did realise throughout Greece that these are everywhere, I mean everywhere, look on a random hill top you’ll see one, head past a what seems to be a deserted island you’ll probably see one.
Now, it was time for dinner, which meant our walk happened to coincide with sunset..

Not complaining because the sunset was amazing, I don’t think I have ever taken as many photos of the sunset as I have in Greece but they are simply amazing here, so prepare to see all of the sunset pictures.
Another sunsetish photo from our restaurant where we had dinner, Del kitchen, the food was amazingly good and very well priced – a lot cheaper than Mykonos!

That pretty much was the end of our Paros experience, next we were off to Ios (the partyyyy island)

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