How do I get out of hospitality and into a job that I find challenging and exciting and satisfying….

I’ve been working in cafes/restaurants since I was 15 and I’m at the point where I know everything, everything’s the same, it doesn’t matter what work place you go to the jobs they’re the same. The work that’s required and the amount of unpaid overtime and the never being able to escape, messages on weekends, phone calls on holidays, the shit from customers who can’t seem to comprehend that you’re a human as well..

It’s so hard to get out of the hospitality bubble and into a different career once you’re in. I put my degree on hold to come live in London, to experience something new, but I find myself not enjoying my life here as much as I would if I didn’t have such a draining, exhausting job that pays less than the London living wage even though I’m the manager.

Anyway my little rant is over, just like I am of my job hahah

5 thoughts on “Help

  1. Yeah I know exactly how you’re feeling. I just want a job where I actually feel like I’m engaging my brain and helping other people. It is difficult to get out once you’ve been doing it for so long, as I’m also finding out! Keep trying though!


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