Explore the city you live in..

Ever since we decided to leave London and head back to Australia next July I’ve I want to spend more time exploring different parts of London, usually on a Sunday with the intentions of finding London’s best Sunday roast.

This started with a trip to The Salt House in St. John’s Wood, which unfortunately is closing on the 24th of this month. The pub looked like you typical English pub even had a telephone box at the side over grown with ivy, which made for a very pretty photo.

As you can see, it was very pretty. The pub itself had a very chilled vibe and the staff were lovely, disappointingly though the roast meat itself was quite dry and gristly, the potatoes however were amazing, crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside (clearly my favourite part about this dish)

London the Sunday following this was blanketed with snow, we’ll at least my area was! I was lucky enough to be up before my street was ruined by cars a pedestrians, which truly produced some amazing photos, and for an Australian to see snow falling and stick was just the best.

Outside was just beautiful, the snow honestly just turns me into the happiest person. Unlike most people when it’s snowing, I wanted to head out and explore so we headed towards little venice area for a roast lunch at the Bridge House pub in the Madia Vale area. The lunch itself was average but the views along the walk there and the snow just made it all worth it.

The canal boats had snow covered roofs and it was honestly all so beautiful and then the next day it was all gone… 😦

And so that brings us to this last weekend in which we ventured into Knightsbridge for Sunday lunch at the Hawksmoor which is renowned for its Sunday roast. We had to make the reservation a week in advance but it was definitely worth it. The lunch itself was £21, which is only about £5/6 more expensive than most the other places we’ve tried but the serving is huge and you will not leave hungry.

They also have a very huge wine selection, with wines from all over the world so there is most definitely something for everyone!

And so that ends this post about London/snow/Sunday roasts… off to Berlin this weekend and over Christmas so no more Sunday roast recommendations this week but a post about Berlin will be up when I return next week!

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