My Week in the Cotswolds..

I am lucky enough to have an uncle that owns a beautiful cottage in this small town in the Cotswolds. This week while my parents are over from Australia we have headed on down to his house and have had the best week adventuring and relaxing. The house is absolutely lovely and incredibly cosy, a very

Although I’ve lived in the U.K for nearly 2 years now, our exploration of the U.K itself has been quite minimal, we’ve really only done a weekend here and there and last Easter we spent 4 days in Scotland.

We headed down to bath from Kineton in the Cotswolds to Bath which was about an hour and a half in the car from my uncle’s house. Once we had managed to find a park (I would recommend arriving a little early than we did just because of the difficulty we had parking), we headed straight into the Roman Bath which had a £16.50 entry fee and to be honest it probably wasn’t worth it.

The baths and the little museum you walk through and around was crowded and the place itself wasn’t busy, I can’t imagine what the place would be like in peak tourist season.

Bath itself as a city is lovely, we spent our afternoon strolling the city exploring all the little alleys filled with shops and then headed down to the river running through the city and had a walk along that and bath the cathedral.

That evening heading back to the Cotswolds, we were told by someone to head to Avebury which is home to the largest neolithic stone circle in the world. Unfortunately, a lot of the area was blocked off because of erosion and so we could walk around the entire area but the little village there was cute.

The Slaughters/Bourton-on-the-Water

We headed to The Slaughters on the recommendation of a B&B worker and my gosh they were absolutely beautiful. We went for a walk around Lower Slaughter to the old mill which has been turned into a wonderful little shop that sold leather goods (I splurged a little and bought a chocolate brown leather backpack that I plan on using as a carry on luggage for travel).

From Lower Slaughter you can walk along a public walkway into Bourton-on-the-Water, it took about 40ish minutes but that was us walking casually.

We spent our afternoon meandering through all the little shops they had spread throughout the town and discovered that it was the home of Brum, bringing back all sorts of childhood memories of watching at my Granny’s house before school.

Both villages were just absolutely adorable


Naturally being in this part of the U.K and being a Harry Potter fans we had had to venture into Gloucester and to the cathedral, which is honestly one of the most breath-taking cathedrals I have seen in my life. I had been here before the last time I was in the Cotswolds but I definitely had to show my family. The cathedral itself is free to enter but if you want to take photos they will ask you to make a £3 donation, so just keep that in mind.

After exploring the cathedral we headed out to explore the town little more and found some really cute little alleyways, and we ended up finding this cute little restaurant called Lilly’s Resturant that served the best jacket potatoes that I’ve had in a long time (I got the Brie, Bacon and Cranberry potato) as well as desserts that tasted like they were made by my Granny.

Apart from visiting these places we also spent a lot of time just hanging out and enjoying the Cotswolds for what they are and the peace, quiet and tranquillity of the place. It was probably one the most relaxing weeks I’ve had in a long time.

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