Lake District.

We decided to head up to the Lake District over this Easter long weekend, apparently, with half of the U.K. We made the mistake of diving up on Good Friday from the Cotswolds and instead of it taking us the usual 4 hours it would normally, it ended up taking us 7.5 hours (should’ve gone up the day before, lesson learnt!).

We had booked two rooms (one for Lachy & I and one for Mum & Tristan) at a place called Sella Park House and we were both lucky enough to be given the bridal suites, therefore we relaxed in king-sized beds and baths, it made it very hard to leave the rooms! We found ourselves eating here for both breakfast and dinner everyday purely because the food was so good and we never felt the need to find alternate locations for dinner. The staff were incredibly accommodating and by the end, we felt like they knew who we were and never had to tell them what room that we were in, they got to the point where they would just ask us what wine we were having tonight, instead of asking if we wanted any!

We ended up with only two full days here in the Lake District because of travel times, however, I don’t feel like we’ve missed out on anything overly important and we struggled with the bigger towns within the national park purely because of all the people. The scenery in the Lake District is truly incredible and we spent an entire day hiking tracks and up to snow-topped mountains and driving through all the little villages.

Our second day exploring this region had us visiting the closest town to where we were staying, which was this little town called Seascale. We didn’t spend much time here but we had a little wander down along the beach and we were quite lucky to be blessed with sun and blue skies!

Seascale Jetty

After we headed down to Muncaster Castle, the entry fees into the grounds were £11.50 (adult without castle entry) or £14.50 (adult with castle entry), we paid the £14.50 but honestly as with most castles once you’ve seen the inside of one, you’ve seen the inside of them all, so we really could have gotten away with paying just the £11.50 for the grounds entry.

Muncaster Castle
Muncaster Castle

The obvious highlight of this day was both of the bird shows we got to watch, the first being the “World of Owls” show which we got to see just the last two birds because we were late but it was still pretty amazing.

World of Owls

After the owl show, we ventured around the gardens and took in the sights that the countryside has to offer and essentially tried to kill time until 2pm for the Birds of Prey show, which was most definitely the highlight of the day.

As with most animal displays the keepers like to bring forward the issues relating to the animals in which they work with, in this case, they wanted to highlight the vulture, which I guess everyone has negative ideas about because of how they’re portrayed in movies etc. He was saying how poachers have been targeting vultures in Africa because the circling birds lead the people who are fighting the poaching straight to the poachers. The keeper was telling us how he wanted to change our perception of the vulture, and today he changed mine.

This little guy was quite hard to photograph but his species are critically endangered, only 5 weeks ago poachers managed to kill 104 vultures in one go by adding poison to the carcas of a dead animal that they had killed.

I guess I’m leaving this post on a negative note but it is important to remember so many animals are on the verge of simply not existing and you probably don’t even realize it, I know I don’t..

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