Blogging Challenge: Day 2

And we’re back for challenge day 2! I feel like I may struggle with this one!

Day 2: 20 Facts About Me

  1. I am 22 years old
  2. I’m originally from Adelaide, Australia
  3. I left home when I was 18 and move to Perth, Australia
  4. I now live in London
  5. I’m moving back to Perth this year
  6. I work as an Assistant Manager in a cafe
  7. I hate my job
  8. I have the worlds sweetest and loving boyfriend, I feel so incredibly lucky every day to have him
  9. I need both my knees surgically reconstructed, but they won’t do it until I’m older so my knees like to dislocate occasionally which is fun
  10. I am really into planning with paper planners and stickers and pretty things
  11. My favourite city in the world is Florence, I always feel such a sense of calm and happiness when I go there and I think that’s because the first time I was there was about this time 7 years ago on a school trip but Florence was the city I spent the most time alone exploring and I just relive that every time I am there.
  12. I have a serious online shopping addiction, like its seriously so bad
  13. I deferred my Neuropsychology degree for two years to move to London, but when I am back in Australia I’m going to swap into Primary School Teaching
  14. Airports and flying gives me intense anxiety
  15. My favourite food is like steamed pork dumplings or my Grannys lasagne OR anything with truffle in it OR antipasti platters with cheeses and olives and cured meats
  16. I get bored with my hair VERY quickly (keep an eye out for a post coming this weekend about that)
  17. I prefer savory food over sweet
  18. Snow makes me so happy, I completely change when I see snow
  19. I’m not very good at being strict with myself and having self-control
  20. I have two tattoos, both on my left wrist and both done by two friends with a needle and a pot of ink, I love them both and the stories behind them, they make me so happy to look at

AAAAANNNNND that took me so long to think of but there you are 20 facts about yours truely.

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