Hairstyle Update!


The third post in one day? oh well, I said I’d give you an update on my hair after the hairdressers today!

So below you will find my new and current hairstyle and colour 🙂 The photos aren’t the best but it’s the best I could get and I was too scared to ask the hairdresser to take a before photo so I don’t really have a photo of what it looked like before but yeah here is the new hair!

I wanted probably more of a distinctive colour change in the ombre, however my hair was incredibly dry and dead and the hairdresser was like “I’m not gonna make your hair as light as you want it because I don’t wanna damage it even more” which I am totally okay with because I’d rather get there gradually and have healthy hair than kill it. I also had probably 7ish cm cut off the ends and it feels so much better and healthier and I left feeling so happy with my new hair!

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