The quest for the perfect hairstyle…

I am one of those people who get bored with their hair very quickly and the temptation to do something to it is always there, whether it be to cut or colour anything for a change..

This means that I’ve never really let my hair grow much further than my shoulders before I get bored and chop it all off, as for now, it’s currently the longest I think it’s ever been but in desperate need of the ends chopped off.. and my current hair colour I’m not overly thrilled with either anymore. I want more natural on top and lighter on the bottom and I still wanna keep it quite long so while we’re on holiday I can just chuck it up in a bun and it’s easy to get out of my face BUT I’m also so tempted to get it cut into a long bob style.

So today I am hitting up the hairdresser with a Pinterest picture of a style I have wanted for a long time, hoping maybe that this will finally be it! I have full intentions of not cutting much length off of my hair but like I said above I am so tempted to go short, everyone around me has gone short and it really is making me wanna cut it, so let’s see what I end up with!

I’ll post an update when it’s done!

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