Last week in review…

After starting the week pretty badly because I was back at work and after a particularly bad day at work on Thursday, Thursday night actually ended up being so good! I had Holly, who is one of my oldest and dearest friends come around for dinner and wine, we’ve know each other since pretty much the first day of high school and somehow it doesn’t matter where one of us ends up in the world, we seem to always end up in the same city, like I moved from Adelaide to Perth and a year later she moves from Adelaide to Perth and then she moves from Perth to London 6 months later I move from Perth to London. It’s honestly just the craziest thing, and she’s honestly the most beautiful human being! Anyway Thursday night we just hung out and talked and I made a little platter with come baked Camembert and some antipasti type things and we drank good red wine and we ordered Thai food and it was the most perfect end to my crappy day!

Friday at work was absolutely dead and boring and honestly after the week I needed a drink, so I met my boyfriend and all his work friends after work at a pub (which honestly gives me so much anxiety whenever I go meet them because I have 0 in common with majority of them and I usually just stand there awkwardly and drink too fast and get drunk) but anyway that ended up being a good night and my boyfriend and I were back at home with Krispy Kremes by 9pm!

Saturday was such a lovely day, my boyfriend dragged me out of bed early because he needed to buy a dress shirt and pants before his hockey dinner, which means I was up at 830 and at the shops by 9! It was actually a nice productive start to my day before I went and sat in the hairdressers for 4 hours! Sometimes I think it’s crazy how much time you can spend at the hairdressers but it’s all good, got my hair done and I love it. The afternoon was spent walking around the shopping centre with Holly, shopping, eating and just enjoying the afternoon!

Sunday was honestly kind of a lazy day my boyfriend was super hungover from his hockey end of season dinner the night before so he slept in and I got up and did some laundry and a little tidy before dragging him out of bed for some brunch! We went to this little Korean place in West Hampstead called ‘The Petite Corrée’ which does a surprisingly good and cheap brunch! We always leave so full and t never costs more than £30!

And now it’s time for a new week, my second to last week of work (only working 3 days this week! Yay) and only three more weeks until my holiday begins!

P.s I know I need to start taking pictures of things so my blogs aren’t all just writing!

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