The Anxiety of Saying Goodbye

Do you ever feel anxious at the thought of leaving a place and having other people say they’ll miss you and like having to say goodbye to people..

Naturally because I’m leaving London, I have to leave my job and the people I work with and the customers I see everyday. Today, one of my customers is going on holiday and she’s not gonna be here for my last day and she’s saying goodbye and how she’s gonna miss me, I really don’t cope well with emotions from others or pretty much anyone but my boyfriend, same goes with hugging. And yesterday some of my fave regulars sat there and told me they’re gonna miss me and it’s just made me so anxious for my actual last day. I feel like I should also mention my cafe is inside an office building and we only deal with people who work for one particular company so I see the same people everyday and build relationships with them and they’re like my friends…

But like after this one goodbye and how bad and anxious it’s making me feel, I’m at the point where I want to call in sick on my last day to avoid having to say goodbye to everyone and having to deal with it all..

Anyone have any ideas of how to deal with this and just not run away??? I swear my anxiety will be the death of me hahah. damn.

6 thoughts on “The Anxiety of Saying Goodbye

  1. I face the same problem. I tend to try to avoid goodbyes but people have always hunted me down to do so. Last summer, someone didn’t persist in saying goodbye and I felt a sense of relief but soon enough it haunted me. It’s been the only thing I’ve regretted and right now I wish I had my goodbye. Something I do that helps me is holding something special on days when I’m leaving like giving people free coffee or anything positive that says “hey, this is not a bad thing”. Often, it helps avoid all the emotions or I’d only receive good vibes.


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