Blogging Challenge: Day 8

Oh gosh, I’m so behind on these! sorry guys, I will upload 8,9&10 today, I’ve just been so busy with my mum before she leaves haha! I did also want to upload a blog about the Harry Styles concert I went to on Wednesday but I may do that later this weekend so I’m not over posting!

ANYWAY here’s day 8!

I think currently my goals mostly related to when I am back in Australia, however, here is day 8!

Day 8: 5 Current Goals

  1. To work on my anxiety when I go to and from airports and with flying ( I am an absolute terrible flyer, my anxiety levels rocket especially on long haul flights and I have one coming up.)
  2. Actually just work on my anxiety in general (I am umming and ahhing about whether or not to write a blog about this)
  3. To get fit and healthy and back into my fitness like I was before I moved to London
  4. To save enough money with Lachy for us to move back into our house in a year and be able to spend the money to do it up and to buy good quality furniture and plates and cutlery and to be able to style it in the way we want.
  5. To finish uni (this is definitely a long term goal)

There we go, 5 of my current goals!

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