Blogging Challenge: Day 9

This one is a little harder to do because I’ve been tossing up whether or not to film it or just take photos, I’ve decided to just take photos because I really don’t have the right tools or skills to film and edit a video!

Day 9: Whats in My Bag?

Right so this is the bag that I have been using over the last few days, it’s not my normal everyday bag but there is essentially everything I carry on a daily basis in this bag. It’s just a £15 crossbody quilted ASOS bag but I actually really like it, it fits almost everything I need, plus a 750ml bottle of vodka, total plus.

Let’s get into what is in my bag and why!

  • Obviously, my little card purse thing to hold all my cards etc..
  • Some loose change and cash that my mum gave me yesterday because they’re leaving the country
  • Painkillers, I always try and carry some around with me, just in case.
  • My Carmex lip balm (I love this stuff)
  • Gum
  • Earphones (These ones are actually my boyfriends because I have headphones and they won’t fit in this bag)
  • Keys
  • An NYX liquid suede cream lipstick and lip pencil in the shade “Kitten Heels” (this is actually in there because I wore it to Harry Styles and haven’t taken it out yet)
  • My Kindle! (I will always carry this or a book, any opportunity to read is a good opportunity)
  • Some random hair elastics (never know when my hairs gonna annoy me and I need to shove it up)

And yeah that’s about it, the only other things that I do carry in my bigger bag are my water bottle, I honestly hate going anywhere and not having access to water. I also try and carry an umbrella (which is pretty vital for living in London no matter what time of year it is), and the last thing I usually always have in my bag is hand cream,  but I have seemed to have misplaced that and I haven’t replaced it yet!

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