Blogging Challenge: Day 13

Day 13: Whats Inside My Fridge

I actually cleaned or half of the fridge out yesterday when my groceries for the week were delivered, but since we obviously houseshare and we share a fridge, it’s not as organised as I would like my fridge to be but yeah! Anyway here’s what’s in my fridge!

Right so I think the best way would to just take a photo of each shelf and describe from there hahah

So on my first shelf, I have pretty much just cheese and dips:
– Black Olive Tapenade dip
– Harrisa Houmous dip
– Mature Cheddar Slices
– Halloumi
– Feta
– Sour Cream

On my second shelf, I have some desserts and some more cheese:
– A Lemon Tart from Paul
– A Vanilla and Chocolate Cheesecake
– Parmigiano Reggiano
– Brie

My next shelf, which is the bottom shelf is essentially just all my meat products:
–  GBK Burger Patties
– Smoked Bacon Rashers
– A Tapas Platter with chorizo, cheese and olives
– Chorizo Ring
– Siracha Hot Sauce (Probably my fave thing in the fridge)
– Minced Garlic
– Minced Ginger
– Tomato Paste

And now last is my veg drawer!
– A packet of Superfood Salad mix
– Mixed Peppers
– Tenderstem Broccoli
– Celery Sticks
– Fresh Chillis
– Carrots

And the only drinking item I have is a bottle of white wine chilling, that Lachy and I bought after a wine tasting on Friday night!

So I actually have a lot of stuff that I wouldn’t normally stock in my fridge, like all the dips and tapas and cheese items as well as the dessert stuff but Lachy and I are having a picnic on Wednesday since the weather is nice, so I got all the stuff for that! The rest is just what I needed for dinners this week, however, we’re really only home for dinner Monday and Tuesday this week so it’s not much!





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