First Self Tan Experience – Sudden Self Confidence Boost

OHHHH right okay, being from Australia I’ve always had just the slightest bit of colour to my skin, the lifestyle, the weather, everything encourages you to go outside and so you build just naturally a little colour. Living in the UK for the last two years, it’s all gone, I am translucent, the lightest shades in BB cream are too dark for me and I have always been afraid of fake tan. You see when they go wrong and I couldn’t handle if I was orange or streaky or anything so I’ve spent the last two years translucent (apart from when I spent two weeks in Greece and got some colour).

Anyway, going back to last weekend I logged on to just to see my point balance and as it would have it I had point balance of 3850 which is equal to £38.50 so I thought oh why not, lets grab some tan and a tanning mitt and give it ago before I leave for my holiday. So after exfoliating my body I donned the mitt and grabbed the tan and I started. I’m not even gonna lie, it was terrifying and even though I only planned on doing my legs I couldn’t figure out how to end it so it looked nice and smooth and so I just kept going and in the end, I did my whole body… Watching this stuff process and do its thaaaang, again was a scary experience. In fact so scary that I washed it off after like 30 mins, which I think because it was an express tan and I was so pale it was enough time to give me a colour that is making me feel like a beautiful tanned goddess. I have learnt that it’s going to be scary while it’s processing and colouring you but it’s okay it will wash off and it will look all good, it won’t look like what it looks like when its processing and now I know for next time to just relax. I literally feel so good, I just want to be this tanned forever…

I used the Bondi Sands Express One Hour Tan, I do like the tan that it gave me, it’s even, I can’t see any streaks and I’m very happy with the colour. I did have a little trouble with the part where the mousse comes out, I struggled to get it out the thing you press felt stiff and like it didn’t want to move but after a while, it would push out a blob and I could continue tanning. Aside from that, I am very happy with the end result. The only other thing I found was that even though I only put the littlest bit on my face for a very short time, it seems to have made me breakout, so I think next time I’ll leave the face and just use a darker foundation to match my neck…SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

I wish I had a before and after so I could show you my new found bronzeness, however I do not because I did not think ahead and wasn’t really planning on writing about this experience because I expected it to go horribly wrong and I was gonna have to spend hours in the bath scrubbing it off and was pleasantly surprised when it didn’t.

And that was my first experience with self-tanning!

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