Things I Will Miss, Things I Won’t Miss About London Life..

Hey guys!

The time has come, it’s time for me to leave our life here in London! So I thought I’d write a little list of all the things I will miss about living here and some of the things I will not miss!

Things I’ll Miss:

  • The amazing food culture, I honestly think since living here my experiences with food has been about 100x better than what they were in Aus. There are some honestly amazing restaurants around London!
  • The transport system, complain all you want about TFL but in Perth, each train only comes every half an hour and so you have to time everything, you can’t just leave home and expect one within in 3 minutes
  • The parks, honestly I love the parks in London, they’re so beautiful!
  • The bars and pubs
  • Being so close to so many amazing countries and just being able to visit somewhere so different for a weekend
  • Cheap Flights, damn flights within Aus are so expensive in comparison, let alone out of the country
  • Same day/ next day delivery, I actually don’t know what I’m gonna do having to wait at least a week for things to be delivered
  • The phone plans over here, honestly in Australia they’re such a rip-off and I don’t want to go back and have to pay a shit tonne of money for nothing.
  • Mail delivery that’s Monday – Saturday
  • Resturants open and still serving food after 9/10pm – not a thing in Perth
  • Tk Maxx and Primark, my faves tbh
  • London itself, like just walking around London and all the buildings, the famous landmarks, the history.
  • Squirrels – Can I steal two and introduce the species to Aus please they’re so cute

Things I Won’t Miss:

  • The weather, dammit last week was beautifully sunny and 26 this week in rainy cloudy and like 8 – need some warmth
  • The fact when it is warm nowhere has aircon, my flat doesn’t have aircon, a previous workplace didn’t have aircon, its horrible in summer
  • Expensive rent, and letting agencies – yall need to sort your renting industry out
  • Needing to wear like 4 layers of clothing in winter
  • Having to pay customs fees on overseas purchases, so annoying
  •  Flat sharing, I’m done, I’m over it, can’t wait to not have housemates
  • The fact that winter is just like 6-7 months long – it’s a no from me
  • The tourists, they’re everywhere

I mean the list of thing’s I will miss is longer than the list of things I won’t and I am sad to be leaving, but I also can’t wait to get home and be warm, in saying that I did also get to experience my first snowfall in London which was amazing!

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