Life Update, Blog Update!

Right guys, so as you may have read previously, IM GOING ON HOLIDAAAAAAAAAY tomorrow for the next two months before heading back to life in Aus! Essentially this means that while I do have my laptop and phone with me, my opportunities to spend some decent time writing blog posts won’t be as abundant as they are right now 😦

So I was thinking maybe if I did a quick daily little OOTD post because I’m honestly really digging my holiday wardrobe! And also OOTD is easy enough for me to snap on my phone and post! But also it isn’t something I’ve ever done before and also I’m not the most body confident, so I’m having a bit of slight anxiety about posting my outfit online for everyone to see, but also the only way for me to get over this anxiety is to just do it!

And then just an update on where I’m am/where I’ve been/what I’ve been up to, sort of when I can? I mean we have a few like 6+ train/bus trips so I will have time to write occasionally and I feel like for my sanity I need to stick with it, but I also don’t want to spend my entire holiday at my laptop!

Essentially for the next two months, my blog is probably just going to be holiday updates! But I promise I’ll try and post a variety of things!

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