What’s In My Carry On – Short Haul

Hey Guys!

As I’ve mentioned so many times I’m going on holiday today! So I thought I’d show you guys what I pack in my carry on bag for a short haul flight!


  1. Wireless Headphones
  2. Gum – I feel like I literally cannot get on a plane without gum, I think it’s because of the first time I went on a plane and Mum said that chewing gum would help with the pressure in my ears…
  3. Hand Cream – I can’t stand my hands being dry, so really I carry hand cream with me everywhere, I am really loving this Body Shop British Rose hand cream lately, it smells so nice.
  4. Lip Balm – Same goes with my lips can’t stand them being dry and always carry lip balm
  5. Phone – I think this one is a little obvious, can’t go anywhere without it
  6. Watch – So I like having a wristwatch, I do have a Fitbit, however, it’s kind of annoying to travel with because it’s just another thing that needs to be charged…
  7. Passport – Obviously, Can’t get into another country without it…
  8. Kindle – Need entertainment for the plane and it’s really one of the places I can get a lot of reading done!
  9. Purse – Again this one is obvious
  10. Sunglasses – Just in case it’s sunny where we land
  11. Normal Earphones

Right, yes now, I do have two different sets of headphones/earphones… This is because, while I love my over-ear wireless headphones, they are annoying if I wanna rest my head to the side and have a nap or if I’m wearing earrings or anything, so I have both so I can swap between depending or my mood or what I wanna do… hahaha

Anyway, guys, that’s what’s in my carry on bag for this trip!

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