Blogging Challenge: Day 27

Day 27: Whats in My Closet?

Right, so right now I am living out of a backpack while travelling so I don’t actually have a closet so I might use this as an “My Favourite Items I have with Me” post, purely because I just really don’t have the opportunity to go through and take a photo of it all!

  1. My parrot top that I found in TK Maxx – I literally love this
  2. This open back,high  necked top I got on ASOS
  3. Yellow and white stripped Ciao Ciao top from Primark
  4. Stripped crop with daisies embroidered on the sleeves from H&M – LOVE
  5. Boohoo Lemon Dress from ASOS – I literally only got this to wear on the Amalfi coast but I love it, the sleeves are slightly flared as well, it’s amazing
  6. Stripped Au Revoir T-shirt dress from H&M – I literally have never worn a T-shirt Dress before this one because I was always scared it would be super unflattering on my body but I actually love this one!

While we’re here, I’ll show you a snapshot of all the clothes I’ve bought with me to wear over the next two months!

All the clothes
All clothes

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