Blogging Challenge: Day 28

Day 28: My Most Embarrassing Moment

Oh gosh, right so this one I can’t even think of one particular moment that was deathly embarrassing because I am constantly embarrassing myself, saying the wrong thing, falling over, dropping stuff really the list is endless…

I, however, think the most embarrassed I’ve felt was the first time I dislocated my knee purely because I was at work and I screamed so loudly and everyone looked at me and just continued to stare at me and the next minute some people who heard me scream from down the street had jumped the counter to see if I was okay (which was incredibly sweet of them but yeah). I guess at the moment I didn’t really think about it, it’s more thinking about it after where I cringe because I don’t remember much but I do remember everyone staring at me and those people jumping the counter…

And anyway that’s all I could think of that stuck out to me…

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