My Favourite Youtubers!

Hey Guys,

Today I thought about the Youtubers I spend a crazy amount of time watching! I’m the kind of person who will literally only watch the same things over and over again, so these are the 6 channels I will always swap between!

 Zoella & More Zoella

So I only got onto the Zoella bandwagon this year, yes I know I’m so far behind the world, but like I said I literally only watch the same things again so it’s really hard for me to start watching someone new, and really I only got into the world of vlogging this year!

I honestly love watching Zoella, on both her main channel and her vlogging channel, isn’t she really just the most lovable human? I find her honesty about her struggles with anxiety really hits home and hearing her talk about how she is working on it and how she can do things she never used to imagine doing is really inspiring. Also like I am 100% jealous of her house and her fricken conservatory is goals!


Nikkie is probably the most talented MUA on youtube. I could honestly watch her for hours, her blending skills are incredible and she’s just really good to watch!

Simply Nailogical

I mean who doesn’t like a nail art channel that very rarely does nail art anymore?? Nah but really Cristine’s videos I do find super entertaining with some of the stuff she does and it’s always a satisfying bonus when she does chuck that rare nail art video up! I also really like her “stay in school” message and promotion of education because it really is super important!

Safiya Nygaard

Safiya’s videos are always entertaining, whether she is wearing ridiculous outfits for a week or melting a whole heap of makeup together to form some Frankenstein concoction. There is always something super funny and her videos are always super entertaining!

Glam Life Guru

Glam Life Guru (AKA Tati Westbrook) is probably my favourite makeup channel to watch, she posts 5 times a week (Monday-Friday) so you’re never short of something to watch and she is just super honest and I think because she has no affiliates or she’s never really sponsored by brands you know you can trust what she recommends and I absolutely love it when she’s using her boujee makeup that is honestly just ridiculously priced but yeah she’s just really good to watch!

And yeah these are the 6 youtube channels I probably spend most my time on, I watch a couple more channels but these are the ones I have switched the little notification bell for and really like to spend my downtime watching!

What about you guys, who are your fave Youtubers!?

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