The Anxiety of Self Promotion

Just a quick post today, about something I really struggle with and honestly any advice anyone has to deal with this would be amazing.

They say in order to create a successful blog you need to promote it, here’s the thing though what happens, if like me you have such high anxiety about what people would think. It’s almost like I don’t want people I know to know about this blog in case they judge me or they make fun of me or something along those lines. I mean though this anxiety extends further like I honestly struggle to do things like posting on facebook groups I am apart of, I am constantly worried about someone saying something or upsetting someone or being wrong that I just stay silent and lurk.

I watch people who can just constantly promote themselves with what seems like no issue, whereas I’ve had to create a separate Instagram and Twitter in order to promote myself, accounts that no one I know, knows about which means I am starting entirely from scratch on all social platforms, instead of being able to use the following I’ve already got. I know that blog growth isn’t the main goal and I don’t need 100s of readers, but I mean, I guess it would be nice if someone read it hahaha.

I feel like this blog has helped me get over a slight amount of anxiety when it comes to posting on facebook groups or on a public forum space and I love being able to sit down and post on here, I could just never post it somewhere people I know could easily find me.

How do you guys deal with this sort of anxiety? Do you guys even get this?

9 thoughts on “The Anxiety of Self Promotion

  1. I’m really bad at self promotion my blog 🙈. I just leave my latest post as a pinned tweet and hope people read it ha ha. Although comment swaps are great for getting your latest posts out there 😄. I can totally relate to your feelings on this! I’m following you on Instagram 😘 xx

    Bexa |

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  2. Hey love don’t worry i had this same issue to! I still really struggle with it. I am getting better though. I put myself out once and I was super lucky. a brand I did a review on actually liked what I did and wanted to work with me which was what made me feel a little better about promoting myself. I still struggle to promote myself on my personal social media accounts so I made one just for my blog. Only a few family members know about my blog and I get super embarrassed when they read it. I’m not sure why I think it’s because I put so much hard work into it and I’m scared of judgement.

    One thing other then the brand contacting me that is really helping me is using buffer (the free one) I write my tweets and Instagram posts about a month in advance (I also write blogs a month in advance) and just set it to post. In all honesty I kind of forget that I have posted a promo though the app which makes me feel a little better about checking my socials and remembering I wrote a promo


    • Yeah I think you’re right about the whole being scared of judgement on something you’ve worked really hard on. The only person who really knows about my blog is my boyfriend and I will like honestly yell at him if he’s reading it over my shoulder or something even though he’s literally the most supportive human? It’s so weird hahah

      That’s amazing that you had a brand reach out to you, I can imagine how that would be such a confidence booster for you! Amazing work! xxxx

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  3. I feel the same way. I have separate social accounts as I’m just not ready for people I know to read my blog yet.

    I’m scared I’ll get judged or that they will think it’s bad so while I’m happy to promote it to people I don’t know, only my immediate family know I have a blog.

    Hopefully I’ll get to a stage where I am happy to share it and promote it a bit more.

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      • It’s so weird being able to promote to strangers but not the people you know.. wish I could just do it but alas I can not 🙃

        One day I’m sure true both of us will get to a point where we feel comfortable promoting everywhere ☺️☺️


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