July Goals

Hey Guys,

Somehow, its here July is pretty much here, how? what? when? I’m back in Australia? It feels like only yesterday this was still 6 months away and I was still planning our way back here? but no I am back and my holiday is over and it’s back to reality so I thought it would be a good idea to write a post about my goals for this month!

  1. Join a gym and get back into my fitness and begin the journey to lose the 20kgs I put on over my two years in London!
  2. Find a job!
  3. Set up a study and get uni stuff sorted!
  4. Get 600 views on my blog
  5. Reach 1000 followers on Twitter
  6. Reach 600 followers on Instagram
  7. Post daily on Instagram
  8. Set up a proper blogging calendar/planner
  9. Reach 200 blog followers
  10. Join a social form of exercise like a martial arts class or something.

And those are 10 goals for both myself and my blog I would like to reach this month! I’m so excited to be back in Aus and feel settled in life!

What are your goals for July? Lemme know in the comments x

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