2018 in Review

Hey Guys, long time no blog, somehow life keeps passing and my days just seem to get busier and busier. BUT Happy New Year guys. I hope 2019 brings you absolutely everything you want out of it. My year has started with some severely bad sunburn all because I thought I was tougher than the sun and decided to not put sunscreen on the back of my legs, which incidentally is the worst place to get burnt because I can barely bend my knees but is okay, I’ll survive.

Anyway, I thought that getting back into my blog by writing a new post all about my year and what happened and just generally looking back and reflecting.

The year started with my parents coming to visit Lachy and I in London, and we spent 10 days at my uncle’s place in the Cotswolds, before heading to the Lake District for Easter. Making the mistake of driving up Good Friday with every other person in London apparently and what was meant to be a 3-hour drive ended up taking double that.

Following my parent’s visit, it was nearly time for Lachy and I to pack up our lives and start our journey home but before heading back to Australia we had our 2.5 month trip around Europe to embark on. I have written a few posts on some places that we went and reviews on some of the tours we did and airlines we flew on which I will link at the bottom of the page if you’re interested in reading them. I had some stand out places from this trip namely being Slovenia, Amalfi Coast, Nice/South of France and Portugal. We had such an amazing time to

After our trip ended we headed back to my hometown Adelaide and spent 10 days with my family and just relaxing before heading home to Perth and back to reality.  It was so lovely to be able to spend some quality time with my whole family after being away for 2 years and Lachy got a chance to finally meet my dad and everyone which was lovely.

Heading back to Perth meant the start of a new job, new degree and living with Lachy’s parents. Everything has been pretty steady since then, work, uni, life etc.. However, we did head to Melbourne for the AFL grand final which saw Lachy’s beloved West Coast Eagles win the grand final, post-grand final we headed to Fiji for a friends wedding, where we spent 10 days relaxing and living our best life, it was amazing. During this trip, we headed home via Brisbane to see Lachy’s brother, his wife and meet their lil bubba, who was born in May. We spent a week there and meeting this lil baby and looking after him and seeing Lachy feed him and play with him sent my ovaries into overdrive and I am literally like the luckiest person right now and all I want is a lil baby.

Post Fiji literally saw life go back to work and uni and nothing exciting, I managed to pass all my exams (even my maths unit winning) and pass all my classes yay! Coming to the middle of December I went back to Adelaide and visit my family again, even had some early Christmas celebrations which was lovely since I haven’t been home around Christmas time since 2014.

And that essentially brings us up to today, we had a really chilled New Years Eve at home, we made a nice dinner (beef wellington and creme brulee), had a super nice bottle of wine and just hung out, it was almost perfect, the only thing ruin it was Lachys parents being home, I honestly can not wait to be in our own house (not that there’s anything wrong with his parents and it’s super kind of them to let us live here, and they’re absolutely lovely people, I just want my own space).

I hope you all had an amazing year and hopefully, 2019 see’s me actually spending more time on my blog.


3 Hours in Rome

Hey Guys!

Back again with a guide on what to do in Rome when you only have a short amount of time. Rome was never originally on our travel itinerary and to be honest having been before I had no real desire to do go back, however, my boyfriend had not been, so when looking at ways to get from Naples to Cinque Terre and I realised I could give us a stopover in Rome with enough time to see the highlights, The Colosseum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain and the Spanish steps, I thought, why not? From the time we arrived in Rome to when our next train departed we had about 3.5 hours, we needed to deposit our luggage in held luggage before heading off. Here’s the thing, when we arrived at 8:30 there was minimal line, perhaps about 10 minutes of waiting. when we got back to pick up our bags at 11 there was a huge line from what I heard people saying, about a 25 minute wait to hand you luggage in.

I had 4 places on my list that I figured we’re essential to see with a short time in Rome:

  • The Colosseum – Obviouslyyyy
  • The Pantheon
  • Trevi Foutain
  • The Spanish Steps

Obviously, there is so much to see in Rome – Vatican City, St Peter’s Basillica etc.. but these were the 4 that we’re easiest to get to one another by foot!

So we started from the train station and walked towards to Colosseum, it’s only about a 25 minute walk, its really not far and the walk brings you through the park so you get a nice view up higher of the colosseum but without all the people.
I was expecting that because it was early on a Sunday morning there would be very few people – I was wrong it was probably about 9:15 when we got there and the tour groups were already out in force!


From there we headed up towards the Pantheon, I chose to walk over getting the metro because you get to see so much more of Rome and its architecture and history. Rome is an amazing place and every way you turn there is always something to see! On our walk from the Colosseum to the Pantheon we walked past the Roman Forum.


Then heading though Rome you’ll find yourself at the Pantheon, again there were so many people there considering the time and day but I guess that’s just Rome, always busy!


From there we had a short walk to the Trevi Fountain, this walk will take you past the Temple of Hadrian as well, just make sure you keep your eyes open or you’ll miss it!


And next you’ll head to your last stop for the morning, the walk from the Trevi Fountain to the Spanish Steps will only take you about 10 minutes, again make sure you look around at the features even on the buildings, there is so much attention to detail it’s amazing!


All in all this little adventure took just over an hour from leaving the station, which left us with about an hour and a half before we had to be on our train, so you have time to stop at each place and take it in. We decided we would grab a bite to eat before heading back to the station and my boyfriend was adament on doing it at the steps which I said was going to be expenive and I was right! We ended up paying €24 for two paninis and 2 espressos!

By the time we had finished eat, it was still about just over an hour until our train left but we deicded to jump on the metro back to the station – 2 stops and €1.50 per ticket, not too bad. As i said above, in regards to collecting your bags from the held luggage place, leave time, we stood around for about 15 minutes without them calling a single pickup ticket, before I decided to just walk in and ask if we could have ours back and so they sent me to an empty desk and 5 minutes later I had our bags! But leave time because it will be busy and it will take a little time.

And that ladies and gentlemen is our 3 hours in Rome. Hope it wasa helpful and you enjoyed!

Day Trip to Capri

Hey Guys,

Back again, this time with some information for about a day trip to Capri from the Amalfi Coast. Heads up, there’s a ferry from Positano and it will be easier than doing what we did and heading into Sorrento, but alas travelling is all about learning!

Let’s hope you start your day trip off to Capri on a better note than we did, I was dead sure that we were going on a Wednesday, but on the Tuesday, luckily I woke early and was up and doing stuff and then about 8am I got back into bed and saw the prepaid ferry tickets next to it and I just had this feeling. Looking at the tickets, I was right we were meant to be going that day and had to be on the bus into Sorrento at 8:30, my boyfriend was still fast asleep and so I had to wake up, get dressed and be out of the door within 10 minutes. Anyway, long story short we made it into Sorrento for our 10:45am ferry with literally like 20 minutes to spare because the traffic was so heavy it took so much longer than it was meant to getting in. What we didn’t realise and perhaps was scared of, was that buying tickets on the day seemed to be an alright thing to do, we prepaid for ours out of fear that it would sell out and we wouldn’t be able to go. Maybe in the height of the Summer season, it would be a good idea but for this time of year (early June) it didn’t seem necessary.

The ferries are fast, it take’s around 25ish minutes to get to Capri from Sorrento, but it’s not a smooth ride, it’s rough and they do roll around a bit, these boats are built for speed, not a leisurely cruise, so if you get sea sick take some tablets beforehand!


Pulling into Capri, you’re greeted with a sight of colourful buildings, bright blue oceans and so many people, I honestly can’t imagine what it is like in the height of summer. Moving onwards to the next mistake we made, walking up to the town from Marina Grande. Don’t do it, just take the Funicular or the bus, it’s literally just 20 minutes of steep stairs and incline walking. It’s not fun and you’ll no longer look cute enough to take photos of yourself there. That walk was brutal it was hot and I’m unfit and I almost died, not to mention our morning was so rushed we hadn’t eaten or had any coffee so I was barely a human at the end of it, which meant the first thing we did was find a little restaurant to have some food and get some caffeine into our system. We settled on . what was probably Capri’s cheapest place to eat, I think we ended up spending about €50 on two pizzas, three espressos and a coke, be prepared for the inflated prices of Capri. We had about 6.5 hours between when we arrived and when the ferry we had booked home was and so we decided to take one of the tours around the island, where they show you tbe grottos and whatnot. Capri is famous for its Blue Grotto which I’m sure you’ve all seen photos of, however if you’re interested in going inside it make sure you check what the tides are like before you head over because the day we were there the tides were too high and you couldn’t get in. From what I heard, the day’s that it is open, if you’re on a tour you will sit there for at least an hour while everyone goes in and out so just be prepared for that.


Walking around the main town of Capri, you realise it’s set up for the rich, deisgner shops and exclusive hotels everywhere, waiters dressed head to toe in proper uniform’s which inculde matching shoes. It really is such a lovely city to just walk around and enjoy for what it is.

By about 4pm we were done and exhausted, however, our ferry back to Sorrento wasn’t until about 6:30pm so I thought I’d try our luck and head to the ticket booth and see if we could change our ferry for on that was about to leave, and luckily enough the nice man at the SNAV ticket counter let us exchange our ticket for an eariler ferry and we were off back into Sorrento.


So here’s the thing, Capri is beautiful but unless you’re staying on the island you’re probably going to need less time there than you think. Depending on whether or not the Blue Grotto is open and you do a boat tour you’ll really only need 4 hours there no longer, unless you’re up for some seriously expensive shopping! Which unfortuntely my bank account and I were not! There are other parts to the island, and they have buses that run all over Capri and Anacapri so there is more to do there than just what we did, however, we just wanted a day of chilling, seeing some things and swimming and to be honest the water was so rough that even at the beaches you really couldn’t swim and just chill which was slightly disappointing.

Getting to the Amalfi Coast from Dubrovnik

Hey guys!

So, I’ve spent the last 6 days chilling on the Amalfi Coast, it’s been amazing but let’s start by saying, getting here from Dubrovnik was a long journey and if I could replan this journey I would. Heres the thing, we left Dubrovnik on the ferry at 10pm, but we had to be at the port 2 hours earlier for boarding and immigration check so really our journey started at 8pm and we did not arrive into Praiano until 6pm the next day so I mean really in the time it took to get from Croatia to this side of Italy we could’ve flown back to Australia, which is absolutely crazy when you think about it.

Let’s start with the ferry, so you need to be there 2 hours before departure but you also need to make sure you have picked your tickets up from the Jadrolinija office before boarding, which I actually didn’t know until a friend told me because she had done the crossing between Bari and Dubrovnik last year. Luckily in Dubrovnik, the office is literally across the road, however, apparently from what she said, in Bari, it’s not close so just make sure you’re prepared and just pick your tickets up as early as you can to give yourself enough time. Jadrolinija overnight ferries give you the option of getting a cabin. Do it, spend the slightly more amount of money for the cabin your journey will be so much better, I’m so glad we went with the cabin option. However, if you don’t want to you can buy a deck ticket which is obviously cheaper and you can just hang in the bar, the seats are relatively comfortable but unless you get one of the lounges you’ll be stuck sitting up because all the single seats have armrests and you can’t lay across them.

Here’s the thing about the ferry, no one tells you anything. You just get on and get your room key and sleep, you have no idea what’s going on so when we got to Bari we had no idea what time we had to give the key back or how and where you get off from and you really can’t understand what is being said over the loudspeaker, it’s just a muffled mess and so we just followed people. Essentially though, you can give your room key back as you’re leaving the ferry, you exit via the doors at the reception on to the bottom deck, the same way you come in and follow the crowds into immigration, it was so simple, but also try to be one of the first off or you’ll be spending a long time in that immigration line.

From the port, in Bari, you can get the local bus, line 20 into the main train station which I think costs 1€ but I’m not sure the driver just let us on for free, which I mean is great but we also offered to pay? Anyway from Bari we got a Flixbus to Naples. I booked the 9:30am bus which left 1.5 hours after the ferry docked in port, which is enough time, if like I said you’re at the front of the line through immigration. The bus stop is literally on the other side of the train station, so just take the underground walkway through to the other side and it’s right there, so easy!

The bus takes about 3.5ish hours and drops you off right at Garibaldi Station, which is the main train station in Naples and where we had to get our train to Salerno from. This is the part I would do differently, so here’s the thing, from Naples, getting to the Amalfi Coast you really need to either go via Sorrento or Salerno. Take a look at where you’re staying and then decide which one you go to and use Amalfi as your middle point. For example, say you’re staying on the Positano side of Amalfi, you’ll want to go Naples – Sorrento – Positano but say you’re staying somewhere like Maiori on the other side of Amalfi you’ll want to go via Salerno.

This is where I messed up, I booked the train from Naples to Salerno and we are staying in this little town called Praiano (literally the town next to Positano but so much quiter and less people) which is on the Positano side of Amalfi, which meant we had to swap buses at Amalfi which honestly added like an extra couple of hours to our trip, whereas if we had just gone into Sorrento we could’ve just stayed on the one bus (The SITA buses run up and down the entire Amalfi Coast pretty much all day, just make sure you’ve prebought a ticket from a newsagency or shop before you get on, it’s the cheapest way to travel bewteen cities 2.40€ for a oneway ticket) and it would’ve driven us right into the little town we’re staying in and would’ve taken literally 2 hours off the trip.

OR you could fly from Dubrovnik to Naples which takes an hour and essentially costs pretty much the same as the ferry, maybe slightly more once you add checked luggage etc and go from there. I went with the ferry because I hate airports, they stress me out and my main goal for this trip was to avoid them altogether which we have except for Pula to Zadar but that was like two of the smallest airports ever and much more simple than most airports!

Anyway guys, here’s how we got from Dubrovnik to Praiano, it was most definitely an adventure.

Update – Holiday/Life/Slovenia

I feel like I’ve been lucky enough to experience so many different places and cultures in my life, I’ve lived in different countries, I’ve spent my time being hosted by a family in Italy when I was in high school, there are so many places I have been but also there are so many more to see! I’m currently on probably the most amazing holiday in Europe I’ve ever been on and so far we’ve done so much and seen so much. As I’m writing this, I’m laying in our Airbnb in Zagreb with the window open, listening to the conversations from the people at the cafe below with 50’s music playing, I’ve just been at a wine and food tasting with Croatian produce and I am just genuinely so happy.

I’m not really sure in which direction this post is going to go, I just really got in the mood to jump on and write, it’s been just over a week since I’ve been on my blog and even had the motivation to write. The past week has just been kinda busy, we’re in our 4th city since last Friday so we haven’t had a lot of downtime, but it has been really good. The last post I posted about our holiday we had just left Budapest, since then we’ve been to Bratislava, Vienna, Salzburg, Bled, Ljubljana and now as I said above we’re in Zagreb.

I will post a more in-depth post about the cities and my general take on them, how I found them and what I liked and didn’t like about them, but for now, I really wanna talk about Slovenia (guess I figured out where I wanted this post to go haha!), it really is probably one of the most underrated countries, I never heard much about it, we really only went to see Lake Bled and we didn’t really know much about the country and what it had to offer, but my gosh were we surprised! We had a total of 4 nights in the country and that wasn’t enough and if I could go back and re-plan our trip I would take time out of Austria and put it into Slovenia! The country is beautiful, but the people, they’re honestly some of the nicest, most welcoming, will go out of their way to help you and make sure you’re happy kind of people, and coming from Austria it was most definitely so nice to not feel like an annoyance.

If I could recommend any place we’ve been so far it would be Slovenia, Lake Bled in particular, I think because I prefer the laid back, chilled vibes of smaller towns, I really enjoy any place that is quiet, but really Lake Bled was so incredibly peaceful, and probably one of the few places I have ever been where the reality is better than any photo anyone has shown me. We’ve been quite lucky with weather since starting our trip, however, the one day we had to explore Bled and the lake it was raining, even so, it was still incredible and by about 5pm the rain had cleared and we could venture out for a walk around the lake.


I don’t think any of the pictures I have taken do the lake any justice but it really is one place I would tell everyone the need to see!

We spent the next day on a 12-hour tour of Triglav National Park (which is Slovenia’s only national park). It was a long, tiring day but it was incredible. We did our tour through 3glav Adventures and our guide who was Jaka was just so good! Lachy and I aren’t really huge on hikes and walks etc.. but this was amazing, the views, the scenery, absolutely worth it. I mean it wasn’t hard hiking, there was a little but if scaling rocks on the side with nothing next to you, but there were wires to hold on to and honestly if I can make it out of there alive, anyone can do it – just perhaps wear better shoes than I did Adidas Stan Smiths look good but they’re a bit too slippery for scaling rocks!


We also got to do white water rafting, and oh my gosh if that wasn’t the most fun ever. I am such a water person, just being by it makes me happy but by the end of the rafting, I had a grin the entire length of my face on show.

Slovenia has really been such a stand out place and I really wasn’t expecting much from it, but it’s got to be one of my top 3 places I’ve been in my life so far! Anyone planning a trip to Europe you need to put Slovenia in and make it a priority, you will not be disappointed.

As I said above, a post about our experiences in Slovakia, Austria, and a lil more about Slovenia to come in the next week!

Let me know if you’ve been to any of the countries I’ve mentioned and what your experiences have been with them!

Bye guys! xxxxx

Holiday Planning Part Two – Travel between Cities

Right guys, I’m back with an update on how our holiday planning is going. I think my last update was back in December and we’d booked everything but our travel within Europe because most of it is just not possible so far out.We’re now at the point in which we can start and starting to realise how some places while looking relatively easy to travel between aren’t necessarily.

The place we’re noticing this most is Croatia, not realising perhaps quite naively that Bosnia and Herzegovina splits Croatia in half which made finding transport from Zadar to Dubrovnik quite difficult if we didn’t wanna sit on a bus for 8 hours, alas that is the option that we’ve had to go for in the end. We also struggled to find travel routes from Pula to Zadar that again wasn’t an entire day, however, lucky there is a flight route with Croatian airlines which we can grab. Once we’d sorta calculated the costs of flying (€80ish) for the two of us inc luggage, with a half hour flight, the bus honestly wasn’t that much cheaper and just took a lot longer. This was one of those situations which you need to add the cost of your time into the equation and we decided that the flight would be so much easier, despite me starting this whole planning thing wanting to avoid any airport at all costs! (I hate airports, they stress me out). As far as leaving Croatia and heading into Italy, its really quite as simple as getting the overnight ferry from Dubrovnik, which we managed to spend about €200 for the both of us on a cabin with a shower, I mean that includes a night of accommodation and breakfast.

We found it relatively easy to find travel between places in sort of Eastern Europe (Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria), probably the easiest section of our holiday to find travel options!

When it came to booking trains in Italy I found this really good website (Italiarail) that showed so many good options for travelling between major train stations in Italy and they were so cheap! This website also gave me a route which has allowed us 3.5 hours to explore Rome which we hadn’t planned on and having been to Rome I know this enough time to see the major sites in Rome. I mean I’m sure there are other sites out there that provide the same services but I honestly just found this site so convenient and easy to use! I used this site to book trains from Naples to La Spezia, we’re actually staying in Riomaggiore which is just 8 or so minutes on a local train from La Spezia, I also used it to book from La Spezia to Genoa.

The only other place I really had an issue was Barcelona to Seville and really the issue was we hadn’t budgeted enough purely out of naivety and not really realising how far away they are from each other and obviously, it was gonna take time and would be more expensive. Once I realised this and I came to terms with the fact we would have to spend 3x our original budget (142€ for the two of us) and a 5.5-hour journey on the fast train it was okay! There was a cheaper option for like 60€ for the two of us but that was an 11 hour travel time and as we’re doing this journey on my birthday I decided that the more expensive, shorter travel time was the option for us!

For everything else we pretty much just used Flixbus (we’ve used Flixbus before doing Bruges -> London and they were great) :

  • Kosice -> Budapest
  • Budapest -> Bratislava
  • Ljublana -> Zagreb
  • Zagreb -> Pula
  • Bari -> Naples
  • Genoa -> Nice
  • Nice ->  Marseille
  • Marseille -> Barcelona

Whats left that I haven’t mentioned are places in which we’re going to buy when were there and using local transport essentially and the only travel we haven’t booked is in Portugal because that’s still too far out for anything to be available, hoping that they start showing this week before Lachy finishes work and we have to go find somewhere to print the tickets!

I think the thing we had to decide on was how much our time was worth versus the travel time like I mentioned above for Barcelona to Seville we went the more expensive, shorter route, whereas in other places we chose the less expensive, longer route. Our main factor in this was the amount of time we had to spend in a place, the longer the travel time, the shorter the time we had to spend in a place so we really only chose the longer option in places we had a few days so we didn’t lose as much exploring time!

And yeah that’s an update on where we are at with our planning, we’ve essentially paid for all accommodation and travel and we leave next week! I can’t believe it’s almost time to set off on our journey, it barely feels real, all this planning is finally coming together…!

Make sure you head to my other post about booking accommodation in Europe!

Holiday Planning – Part 1 Accommodation

Travel Map!


Hey guys! So as you know we’re off on a 2 month trip around Europe in two weeks and I want some recommendations of things to do and places to eat and just generally anything for the places we’re going. I’ll write a list of all the cities and if you have any ideas pleaseeee comment!

  • Krakow
  • Kosice
  • Budapest
  • Bratislava
  • Vienna
  • Salzburg
  • Lake Bled
  • Ljubljana
  • Zagreb
  • Pula
  • Zadar
  • Dubrovnik
  • Praiano (Amalfi Coast)
  • Naples
  • Riomaggiore
  • Genoa
  • Nice
  • Marseille
  • Barcelona
  • Seville
  • Faro
  • Lisbon

So any recommendations for any of these places would be amazing!

Thanks! xxx

Blogging Challenge: Day 10

Right, so I am up to date on my challenge days now woo! Day 10 makes me so happy to think about, I have two in mind but I’ve already written about one which I’ll link here so I’m gonna write about the other!

Day 10: Best Trip of My Life (Or one of)

So, I’ve been on a few trips in my life and I have two that make me the happiest to think about, my first trip to Paris (Which is the one I’ll link at the bottom) and my school trip to Italy, which is what I’m going to briefly write about today! Which actually I was on this time 7 years ago! Where has the time gone, I can’t believe it was 7 years ago!

When I was 15 I was lucky enough to be one of fifteen students that went on a school trip to Italy, it was honestly one of the best trips I have ever been on. We started our adventure in Rome and spent a couple of days there doing all the historical and touristy things like the Colosseum, Vatican City, Spanish Steps, pretty much everything, before heading off to Florence (which quickly became my favourite city, and until this day is still my favourite city I’ve been to).

We were also surprised with an afternoon trip to Pisa which wasn’t actually on our itinerary but the two teachers decided that while we were close enough to Pisa while in Florence we should go, which was honestly such a nice afternoon. I remember just laying on the grass hanging out in the sun by the tower and just having the best time!

We then went up north to a small town called Biella in the Piedmont region, which is where we would be meeting our homestays and their families and spending two weeks living and going to school with them, which was honestly such a good experience. In those two weeks, we also did a trip to Venice for two days, day trips to Milan, Turin and up to Monte Bianco, as well as sitting in on school lessons and so much partying on weekends, which the teachers weren’t aware of! However, it’s what teenagers do in Italy, and on a Friday afternoon we’d say goodbye to our teachers for the weekend and they’d give us some extra spending money and on a Saturday night our homestays would take us out clubbing and drinking and that’s where we would spend the money our teachers gave us and on a Monday we’d have to lie about where we spent it!

And then on our way home, our teachers managed to swing a two-day stopover in Singapore for us, which was a total added bonus! We got to explore Singapore a bit, we went on the night safari they have there and over to Sentosa Island on the huge cable car and two the aquarium, all before heading home and back to school!

This was honestly such an amazing trip and I can’t believe it’s been an entire 7 years since it happened, I feel so lucky and going through photos for the blog brought back so many amazing memories.

Anyway, here’s the link to the other post I talked about earlier!

Paris – Another Fave trip

Holiday Planning!

So we’ve been on plenty of little trips around Europe but we haven’t been on or planned a huge trip involving many countries before. We are currently in the midst of planning our big summer European holiday before we head back to Australia.

We’re trying to be organised and get as much booked and paid for as we can, unfortunately, that really only means accommodation for the time being since most buses/trains/ferries don’t have tickets available until 3 months before.


We have however booked accommodation for all the places we are going, we expected a lot of hostels/cheap hotels but the reality was that in almost every city we found really nice Airbnb’s for essentially the same price.We set budgets for accommodation in each place and we managed to stay under budget in every city except Barcelona. Our set budgets for the two of us were:

£50 for:

  • Krakow, Poland (Airbnb)
  • Kosice, Slovakia (hotel)
  • Budapest, Hungary (Airbnb)
  • Bratislava, Slovakia (Airbnb)
  • Vienna, Austria (Airbnb)
  • Salzburg, Austria (hotel)
  • Bled, Slovenia (hotel)
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia (Airbnb)
  • Zagreb, Croatia (Airbnb)
  • Genoa, Italy(Airbnb)
  • Nice, France (Airbnb)
  • Marseille, France (Airbnb)
  • Barcelona, Spain ( hotel & spent about £60pn)
  • Seville, Spain (hotel)
  • Faro, Portugal (hotel)
  • Lisbon Portugal (hotel)

£75 for:

  • Pula, Croatia (Airbnb)
  • Zadar, Croatia (Airbnb)
  • Dubrovnik, Croatia (Airbnb)

£100 for:

  • Praiano, Italy (Airbnb)
  • Cinque Terre, Italy (Airbnb)

In total for 59 days of travel, we have spent about £2800 on the accommodation which was around £200 less than our budget.

We’ve also managed to save money on the “Dubrovnik Dreams” Topdeck sailing tour of Croatia we’ve got booked. The tour prices start from £629pp, however, with some discounts we’re paying £838.80 for the two of us. 15% of the discounts were from promotions topdeck was running at the time and then we were fortunate enough to receive a 25% voucher from our sailing topdeck tour this year because a few things went wrong throughout it, which topdeck was nice enough to add to our already discounted trip! The more savings the better!


As I said above, when it comes to travelling within Europe, unless you’re flying you can really book anything until 3 months ahead which means we can’t really book anything until February. However, when it came to our flight back to Australia the prices we were seeing ranged from about £600-700pp depending on which airline we wanted to fly with and because we are flying into Adelaide we were pretty much limited to about 6 airlines if we didn’t want 2+ stopovers and 30+ hours of travel. We did end up getting lucky and finding a flight with Malaysian airlines on one date in June for £420pp on a Black Friday sale. If you can always try and wait for a sale and if you can keep your dates flexible because this flight was about two/three days earlier than we originally wanted which meant we needed to cut out holiday a little bit shorter but really to save £400 it was worth it. We also managed to book our original outgoing flight from London to Krakow with easyJet for around £30pp but we also needed to add checked luggage which added about another £25/30pp and again we have also booked our end flight from Lisbon to London was slightly more expensive but flying with British Airways which ended up being less for checked baggage about £17pp and about £180pp. The only other transport we have booked is a flight from Pula to Zadar which we decided flying was the best way as far as time and cost is a concern. It ended up being about £70 for the two of us with Croatian airlines and they include 23kg of luggage in the ticket price which definitely made it a much easier decision.

Anyway, that’s as far as we’ve gotten with planning for this holiday, I’m honestly so excited I just want it to be now!

Holiday Planning Part Two – Travel