My Favourite Youtubers!

Hey Guys,

Today I thought about the Youtubers I spend a crazy amount of time watching! I’m the kind of person who will literally only watch the same things over and over again, so these are the 6 channels I will always swap between!

 Zoella & More Zoella

So I only got onto the Zoella bandwagon this year, yes I know I’m so far behind the world, but like I said I literally only watch the same things again so it’s really hard for me to start watching someone new, and really I only got into the world of vlogging this year!

I honestly love watching Zoella, on both her main channel and her vlogging channel, isn’t she really just the most lovable human? I find her honesty about her struggles with anxiety really hits home and hearing her talk about how she is working on it and how she can do things she never used to imagine doing is really inspiring. Also like I am 100% jealous of her house and her fricken conservatory is goals!


Nikkie is probably the most talented MUA on youtube. I could honestly watch her for hours, her blending skills are incredible and she’s just really good to watch!

Simply Nailogical

I mean who doesn’t like a nail art channel that very rarely does nail art anymore?? Nah but really Cristine’s videos I do find super entertaining with some of the stuff she does and it’s always a satisfying bonus when she does chuck that rare nail art video up! I also really like her “stay in school” message and promotion of education because it really is super important!

Safiya Nygaard

Safiya’s videos are always entertaining, whether she is wearing ridiculous outfits for a week or melting a whole heap of makeup together to form some Frankenstein concoction. There is always something super funny and her videos are always super entertaining!

Glam Life Guru

Glam Life Guru (AKA Tati Westbrook) is probably my favourite makeup channel to watch, she posts 5 times a week (Monday-Friday) so you’re never short of something to watch and she is just super honest and I think because she has no affiliates or she’s never really sponsored by brands you know you can trust what she recommends and I absolutely love it when she’s using her boujee makeup that is honestly just ridiculously priced but yeah she’s just really good to watch!

And yeah these are the 6 youtube channels I probably spend most my time on, I watch a couple more channels but these are the ones I have switched the little notification bell for and really like to spend my downtime watching!

What about you guys, who are your fave Youtubers!?

Update – Holiday/Life/Slovenia

I feel like I’ve been lucky enough to experience so many different places and cultures in my life, I’ve lived in different countries, I’ve spent my time being hosted by a family in Italy when I was in high school, there are so many places I have been but also there are so many more to see! I’m currently on probably the most amazing holiday in Europe I’ve ever been on and so far we’ve done so much and seen so much. As I’m writing this, I’m laying in our Airbnb in Zagreb with the window open, listening to the conversations from the people at the cafe below with 50’s music playing, I’ve just been at a wine and food tasting with Croatian produce and I am just genuinely so happy.

I’m not really sure in which direction this post is going to go, I just really got in the mood to jump on and write, it’s been just over a week since I’ve been on my blog and even had the motivation to write. The past week has just been kinda busy, we’re in our 4th city since last Friday so we haven’t had a lot of downtime, but it has been really good. The last post I posted about our holiday we had just left Budapest, since then we’ve been to Bratislava, Vienna, Salzburg, Bled, Ljubljana and now as I said above we’re in Zagreb.

I will post a more in-depth post about the cities and my general take on them, how I found them and what I liked and didn’t like about them, but for now, I really wanna talk about Slovenia (guess I figured out where I wanted this post to go haha!), it really is probably one of the most underrated countries, I never heard much about it, we really only went to see Lake Bled and we didn’t really know much about the country and what it had to offer, but my gosh were we surprised! We had a total of 4 nights in the country and that wasn’t enough and if I could go back and re-plan our trip I would take time out of Austria and put it into Slovenia! The country is beautiful, but the people, they’re honestly some of the nicest, most welcoming, will go out of their way to help you and make sure you’re happy kind of people, and coming from Austria it was most definitely so nice to not feel like an annoyance.

If I could recommend any place we’ve been so far it would be Slovenia, Lake Bled in particular, I think because I prefer the laid back, chilled vibes of smaller towns, I really enjoy any place that is quiet, but really Lake Bled was so incredibly peaceful, and probably one of the few places I have ever been where the reality is better than any photo anyone has shown me. We’ve been quite lucky with weather since starting our trip, however, the one day we had to explore Bled and the lake it was raining, even so, it was still incredible and by about 5pm the rain had cleared and we could venture out for a walk around the lake.


I don’t think any of the pictures I have taken do the lake any justice but it really is one place I would tell everyone the need to see!

We spent the next day on a 12-hour tour of Triglav National Park (which is Slovenia’s only national park). It was a long, tiring day but it was incredible. We did our tour through 3glav Adventures and our guide who was Jaka was just so good! Lachy and I aren’t really huge on hikes and walks etc.. but this was amazing, the views, the scenery, absolutely worth it. I mean it wasn’t hard hiking, there was a little but if scaling rocks on the side with nothing next to you, but there were wires to hold on to and honestly if I can make it out of there alive, anyone can do it – just perhaps wear better shoes than I did Adidas Stan Smiths look good but they’re a bit too slippery for scaling rocks!


We also got to do white water rafting, and oh my gosh if that wasn’t the most fun ever. I am such a water person, just being by it makes me happy but by the end of the rafting, I had a grin the entire length of my face on show.

Slovenia has really been such a stand out place and I really wasn’t expecting much from it, but it’s got to be one of my top 3 places I’ve been in my life so far! Anyone planning a trip to Europe you need to put Slovenia in and make it a priority, you will not be disappointed.

As I said above, a post about our experiences in Slovakia, Austria, and a lil more about Slovenia to come in the next week!

Let me know if you’ve been to any of the countries I’ve mentioned and what your experiences have been with them!

Bye guys! xxxxx

My Super Easy Every Day Holiday Make Up Routine!

Right guys, I thought I’d show you my everyday holiday make up routine, it takes me 5 minutes and its light and easy to wear when it’s hot and you’re out walking around discovering a city.



  1. I use the collection lasting perfection to conceal my under eyes, any spots on your face and I get quite a lot of redness in my T-zone so I put a little concealer on my forehead and chin, and the blend out using my Real Techniques stippling brush!
  2. Using the L’Oréal True Match Super Blendable Powder I set my T-Zone to keep it from getting overly oily throughout the day!
  3. I use the no.7 bronzer and bronze my face up nice and bronzey for the holiday glow!
  4. Using the no.7 blush I dab a little on the Apple of my cheeks for a bit of colour and life in my face!
  5. A tiny bit of Mac Soft and Gentle highlighting powder
  6. And as always to ensure your face set and flawless setting spray! I use Urban Decay All Nighter!

Keep in mind I’m not some makeup artist and I’m not the best at makeup application, but yeah this is honestly such an easy routine to just chuck on, it gives me enough coverage without being over the top and me having to worry about how it wears throughout the day!

My Current Favourite Mobile Apps!

I am guilty, I probably addicted to my phone, but what apps am I always using? Let’s find out! I usually only swap between a few apps, despite the fact I have a crazy amount on my phone!



Instagram obviously, I spend a crazy amount of time scrolling through my feed, however, I feel like I don’t have enough new content on my feed to satisfy my Instagram obsession so guys leave you insta handles in the comments and I’ll give you a follow!

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter

Okay, so me being the massive HP fan that I am, I found this game and honestly it’s making me feel like I personally got my Hogwarts acceptance letter and am currently in my first year at Hogwarts. The game itself is set before Harry’s time at Hogwarts, and from what I’ve gathered it’s just after Voldemort has been defeated (which is briefly referred to in Dumbledore’s first speech in the game). It’s based on the premise of you being accepted into Hogwarts after your brother has been expelled and gone missing after becoming obsessed with the vaults in Hogwarts and you’re basically setting up to figure out what is down there… I’m about 3/4 of the way through my first year and enjoying it so much!

Wood Blocks Puzzle

Wood Blocks

Wood Blocks is literally one of those games that I play while I’m trying to kill time, it’s just crazy addictive, it’s such a simple game that’s essentially like Tetris but you have more control over where the blocks go, but the idea is the same clear as many rows as you can before you run out of room.



And last but not least, of course, Spotify, how else would I get my music fix!

What’s On My Travel Bucket List

A Bucket List, isn’t it a fun thing to think about, a list of things you want to do and places you want to see while you still can.. I feel very lucky to have already crossed a fair bit off of mine already but here’s the list of what’s left!

  • Maldives – Yeah so like the sooner I can go here the better hahaha
  • New Zealand – I would love to road trip both islands, everyone I know who’s been to New Zealand has nothing but good things to say about it, and honestly, it looks so beautiful from all the photos I’ve seen!
  • USA – Lachy and I wanna do a road trip starting in the south, mostly for the food, actually essentially just for the food, but also like to see places like California and Florida.
  • New York City – I’m putting this separately to the rest of the USA because honestly the first opportunity I get I’m gonna go, even if its just a trip for nothing else but New York City.
  • Canada -Doesn’t the landscape of Canada honestly just look incredible, so much to see and do!
  • Iceland – I’m actually really sad we didn’t get to head to Iceland while we were living over here but we ran out of time/it’s pretty expensive but we do plan on coming back to see the Northern Lights
  • South America (Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru) – I think this will be the next big holiday that we do once I’ve finished uni
  • Australia – Yes I am Australian, I live in Aus but I would honestly love to road trip the whole country, there are so many amazing places I have yet to see.
  • Botswana & Namibia – I really want to do a safari trip as well as see the amazing landscape these countries have to offer!
  • Egypt – When I was younger I was obsessed with Egypt and it’s history and I have been begging my boyfriend to go! We also found a really good diving school that we wanna do while we’re there!
  • Dubai/Abu Dhabi/Qatar – Any one of these cities really, I’ve flown through a couple of them and honestly seeing them even from the sky they look incredible!
  • Japan – Japan looks like it has the most incredible things to see and do. I’d actually like to go for the 2020 Olympics but we’ll have to see!

As far as I can think right now that list is full of the places I desperately want to visit, but really someone could be like I booked you a ticket here and I’d be more than happy to go!

What about you guys? Have you been to any of these places? What’s on your travel bucket list?

Krakow – Kosice – Budapest


Hey hey, guys!

Right as I’ve mentioned 100x I’m currently travelling Europe, getting some sun and culture and just generally having a blast! While I’m away I think I’ll just do quick posts with a few cities in one with what we did, where we stayed and how we got there etc..

Let’s get started!


Our first stop on our adventure was Krakow, we spent 2 nights here which probably wasn’t enough to get to see the whole city itself as well as venture out to Auschwitz and Birkenau concentration camps… As far as where we stayed, it was honestly probably a bit further out of the old town than we would have liked which was something we didn’t realise until we got there, however, Uber was so cheap we just grabbed one of those in and out of the old town!

Our first afternoon there had us exploring the old town and just hanging out sitting outside a pub, having a beer and just enjoying the sun! We ended up having dinner at this burger place called Moaburger (which funny enough was recommended to Lachy when he was in an Uber pool by the guy he was sharing it with!) and honestly this burger was probably the best chicken burger (I had the Chilli Chicken burger Hot) I’ve ever eaten, it was fresh and spicy and honestly amazing! If you’re ever in Krakow you need to check this place out! It’s a little small and the first time we walked past there was no seats but we just went and had a beer at a near by pub and by the time we had finished that there was a table free!


The next day we did a tour of Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camps, I did a lot of research on whether or not it was worth going through a tour guide company or just doing it yourself and I decided to go through a company and honestly I’m so glad I did! We did it through Cracow Local Tours and it cost us about £60 I think from memory so it was slightly up there in price but well worth it. They organised a pick up from our accommodation to the old town and then onwards to the camps!

This is where going with our tour group really paid off, we didn’t have to line for anything, tickets or even security, they opened a separate security line just for us which meant no unnecessary standing in line! The camps themselves were intense, it’s kinda hard to imagine how many people suffered there, what people went through and with the Birkenau camp the sheer size of it. I kind of felt like it was place that really needed to be respected and honoured so I really didn’t take very many photos.


I want to post just this one photo at the Birkenau camp, it’s so long you can barely see the entrance from the end of the train line.

That afternoon we headed back to old town and honestly just kinda pub/cafe hopped until it was time for dinner. I had been told about this place called Chata which apparently did really good polish food and they were right, the food was really good and traditional which is exactly what we were looking for!




So Kosice was really just somewhere we picked as a stopover between Krakow and Budapest. We ended up using the Leo express company to book a bus from Krakow to Kosice. My guess is because it’s not a popular route they used a minivan which was still good, they provided WiFi and water and it was actually pretty comfortable. It took about 4 hours between places including a few stops to drop others off.

It makes me sad we didn’t spend any more than a night here, it was such a chilled, relaxing vibe, we could just sit and drink beer and eat and just enjoy! Not to mention how lovely the Main Street was, there was a group singing ABBA songs and the sun was out and it was just a really nice place to be for the night.


Budapest is the place we’ve spent the most time in, we arrived about midday and had a few hours to kill before we could check in to our Airbnb so we ended up at a place called Cafe Vian (really good food and drinks and the service was top notch) and had quite a long lunch there before heading to our Airbnb. We were staying in the 5th district (for some reason referring to things in districts always makes me think of The Hunger Games hahah) which ended up being such a good location to be in, we could walk everywhere!

The first night we just had a casual night, going for a walk up to the palace and having a look out over the city, the cityscape is just incredible in Budapest, so many incredible buildings to see.



Our next day we started the day with a coffee from this coffee shop called “My Little Melbourne” which was honestly probably the best coffee I’ve had since I stopped working like 3 weeks ago! We honestly just walked, we didn’t really have any intentions or any plan and we ended up right by the number 2 tram (which was voted the most idyllic public transport route) it takes you right along the Danube past all the incredibly iconic buildings of Budapest and we ended up heading past the parliament building before we headed for lunch at a resturant called Pozsonyi Kisvendeglo, the food was amazing however the service, not sure if because we weren’t Hungarian and could speak only English but the waitress seemed a lot ruder to us than the other people dining around us, but anyway the food was really good so I mean that’s the important part!



When it came to dinner for that day we literally spent an hour and a half walking around pretty much a majority of the city trying to find somewhere to eat, we eventually stumbled across this restaurant called Apacuka Etterem, which turned out to have amazing food and really good service and such a nice relaxing atmosphere! I would definitely recommend eating here!


The next day we had quite a late start to the day, heading out for lunch before heading on a wine tour we booked through Airbnb Experiences. We headed to three different wineries drinking many glasses of wine! At the second winery, I got to bottle, cork and label my own wine! Naturally then I had to buy it, good thing the wine was yummy! The third winery included a home cooked traditional Hungarian dish of beef stew and dumplings, which was actually one of the best things I’ve eaten since we’ve been away, it was delicious!



Okay so here’s the thing I’ve realised… I’m not very good at having my photo taken, I much prefer to be behind the camera… Which means I have these photos my boyfriend took of me in front of a nice wall but my face just looks so awkward I’ve settled on a mirror selfie I sent my friend… SO any tips anyone has on how to take a good OOTD let me know!


  • The headband is just a silk scarf I got from TK Maxx
  • Sunglasses are Kurt Geiger
  • The white top is just from Primark
  • The shorts are super cute scalloped hem from ASOS
  • The bag is from ASOS (I actually love this bag it fits a surprising amount in it, like my huge camera!)

So posting a photo of me wearing shorts, heck even wearing shorts is something I personally struggle with purely because I hate my thighs, I feel like everyone stares at me because of it but yeah it’s so hot today in Budapest that I braved it and wore shorts! Anyway here’s my OOTD for today!

Blogging Challenge: Day 29

Day 29: A Confession

Ohhhhhh a confession…. this could get juicy hahaha or not…

But let’s see what I could confess… Let’s go with this before I met my boyfriend I honestly used to just spend my time leading boys on for attention. I had been really hurt in the past and I just didn’t want to go through that again so I would always just talk to guys for the attention but with no actual intention of it going anywhere, which usually always just worked out how I wanted. I used to spend a lot of time talking to guys from high school because they were in a different state from me and it really was a safe option and I really did love having someone to talk to through an entire day..

Anyway, that’s is my confession for todayyyyy

Only one more day of this blogging challenge left, I have really enjoyed this and I gonna miss having a challenge topic every day