2018 in Review

Hey Guys, long time no blog, somehow life keeps passing and my days just seem to get busier and busier. BUT Happy New Year guys. I hope 2019 brings you absolutely everything you want out of it. My year has started with some severely bad sunburn all because I thought I was tougher than the sun and decided to not put sunscreen on the back of my legs, which incidentally is the worst place to get burnt because I can barely bend my knees but is okay, I’ll survive.

Anyway, I thought that getting back into my blog by writing a new post all about my year and what happened and just generally looking back and reflecting.

The year started with my parents coming to visit Lachy and I in London, and we spent 10 days at my uncle’s place in the Cotswolds, before heading to the Lake District for Easter. Making the mistake of driving up Good Friday with every other person in London apparently and what was meant to be a 3-hour drive ended up taking double that.

Following my parent’s visit, it was nearly time for Lachy and I to pack up our lives and start our journey home but before heading back to Australia we had our 2.5 month trip around Europe to embark on. I have written a few posts on some places that we went and reviews on some of the tours we did and airlines we flew on which I will link at the bottom of the page if you’re interested in reading them. I had some stand out places from this trip namely being Slovenia, Amalfi Coast, Nice/South of France and Portugal. We had such an amazing time to

After our trip ended we headed back to my hometown Adelaide and spent 10 days with my family and just relaxing before heading home to Perth and back to reality.  It was so lovely to be able to spend some quality time with my whole family after being away for 2 years and Lachy got a chance to finally meet my dad and everyone which was lovely.

Heading back to Perth meant the start of a new job, new degree and living with Lachy’s parents. Everything has been pretty steady since then, work, uni, life etc.. However, we did head to Melbourne for the AFL grand final which saw Lachy’s beloved West Coast Eagles win the grand final, post-grand final we headed to Fiji for a friends wedding, where we spent 10 days relaxing and living our best life, it was amazing. During this trip, we headed home via Brisbane to see Lachy’s brother, his wife and meet their lil bubba, who was born in May. We spent a week there and meeting this lil baby and looking after him and seeing Lachy feed him and play with him sent my ovaries into overdrive and I am literally like the luckiest person right now and all I want is a lil baby.

Post Fiji literally saw life go back to work and uni and nothing exciting, I managed to pass all my exams (even my maths unit winning) and pass all my classes yay! Coming to the middle of December I went back to Adelaide and visit my family again, even had some early Christmas celebrations which was lovely since I haven’t been home around Christmas time since 2014.

And that essentially brings us up to today, we had a really chilled New Years Eve at home, we made a nice dinner (beef wellington and creme brulee), had a super nice bottle of wine and just hung out, it was almost perfect, the only thing ruin it was Lachys parents being home, I honestly can not wait to be in our own house (not that there’s anything wrong with his parents and it’s super kind of them to let us live here, and they’re absolutely lovely people, I just want my own space).

I hope you all had an amazing year and hopefully, 2019 see’s me actually spending more time on my blog.


Malaysia Airlines Review

Hey Guys!

So I recently flew back to Australia from London with Malaysia Airlines, which I for one was incredibly anxious about doing for a few reasons but anyway, I thought I would write a little review on flying with them.

Let’s start with the planes, they were both clean, the seats reclined back a decent amount which is what you want on a 13 hour and 7-hour flights! The first flight from London to Kuala Lumpur left on time, however, the pilot made an announcement letting everyone know that there was a fault with all the toilets on the right-hand side of the plane were out of order and that they were hoping the system would reset itself and they would be able to be used, which from what I could see that happened during the flight and people were eventually able to use those toilets. Another issue we had was the entertainment systems weren’t working until about 40 minutes into the flight after the reset the systems and whatnot to try and get it to work, and thankfully they did otherwise it would’ve been a loooooooooong flight with no entertainment! Not even going to lie, all the system faults that stopped the toilets from unlocking and the entertainment systems from working had me thinking the plane was just gonna fall out the sky and disappear because you know they’ve had that happen before.

About an hour in dinner was served and the food was actually really good, I had the beef curry thing and it was so tasty which is always a good thing on a plane! As far as that trip went that was about it, I literally slept for 9 hours, which for me is literally unheard of but I was able to get comfy and warm with the little pillow and blanket they give you and really had enough room to be able to sleep. About 1.5 hours before landing they wake you for breakfast which was not as good as dinner, they had a choice between shrimp curry which I couldn’t eat because I’m allergic or eggs and I hate eggs so much, but I went with the eggs and just ate the potato hash brown thingy and the yoghurt and whatnot that came with it but really I was still hungry but oh well!

Our plane landed on time which left us with a 4 hour stopover in Kuala Lumpar airport, our next flight left from the same terminal we landed in so we didn’t have any rush or anything. We spent our time getting a massage in the wellness spa and having some food and drinks, just nice and relaxing before our next flight.

Our flight from KL to Adelaide was delayed 40 mins and once we’d gotten on the plane the pilot made an annoucement that we would be delayed further because we were waiting on about 40 passengers from a delayed connecting flight which ended up having us sitting on the tarmac for about another hour before we ended up taking off. I found the staff on this flight slighter ruder but oh well. Again about an hour in the dinner was served to my disappointment the food was different this time and I got the chicken which when I opened it, it was not something I would like so thankfully my boyfriend swapped his meatballs which me, which were actually pretty yummy! I found it harder to sleep on this plane, mostly because the lady behind me keep pushing my seat up which was just the worst, so I ended up just binge watching The Big Bang Theory – I think the most annoying thing about the entertainment on the Malaysia Airlines planes was the they didn’t have an entire series on there so you would get to a certain point and not be able to continue BUT there were a huge range of movies and whatnot. Again about 1.5 hours before landing we were woken for a snack, not really a breakfast, which was a little chicken pie thing, again not something I would eat so my boyfriend ate mine! I also made the mistake of getting a coffee which tasted slightly of mould? or dust? I dunno just wasn’t any good!

So overall, Malaysia Airlines wasn’t the worst airline to fly with for a long haul flight and I probably would fly with them again if like this time they we’re a crazy amount cheaper than any other airline, but they wouldn’t be my frist choice.


Plane: 7/10

Food: 6/10

Staff: 7/10

Entertainment: 8/10

Malaysia Airlines

What’s In My Carry On – Long Haul Flight…

Alright guys,  were at that time, its time for me to head back to Australia! Which is all very exciting, but does require 22 hours of flying!

I use the same carry on bag no matter how long the flight I am taking is, I just find its the perfect size, you can fit everything in it without putting too much in it if that makes any sense. I like using a backpack as my carry on instead of a smaller luggage bag or handbag purely because is so much easier to walk through a crowded airport with and it leaves you with both of your hands free.

I like to keep things in my carry on that I really couldn’t afford to lose or go without if, for example, my checked luggage went missing. I also like to take things that will obviously make the flight a lot more pleasant and enjoyable!

Whats in my bag:

  • Laptop
  • Phone
  • Camera
  • Charging cables for electronics
  • Kindle/Book (I have been travelling with a Kindle lately just because it’s so much easier space wise)
  • Passport
  • Chewing gum/mints
  • A change of clothes! (I always like to dress comfortably getting on to a flight, so I’ll always pack something more presentable to change into before landing)
  • Skincare (Nothing like recycled plane air to dry your skin out):
    – Makeup wipes (I take either the Simple Quick Fix wipes or Neutrogena)
    – Hydrating sheet masks (sheet masks are great because they don’t require you to wash them off)
    – Brightening eye masks or a caffeinated eye serum ( none likes landing and looking like a zombie!)
    – Hand Cream
    – Lip Balm
    – Hand Sanitizer
    – Concealer + pressed powder ( I am not someone who feels comfortable travelling for long hours with a face of makeup so I tend to go barefaced and add just a little concealer and pressed powder before landing to make myself look a little more human)
    – Deodorant!
  • My own water bottle (ask an air steward to fill it up and I find it easier to stay hydrated!)
  • A pen! (I seem to always have one but they’re super handy on flights just in case you need to fill in any paperwork)
  • Painkillers (in case I start to feel a headache coming on)
  • Comfy socks
  • Headphones – I like to have both over-ear headphones for just general listening but I do find them quite uncomfortable to sleep in so I always have a pair of in-ear headphones (generally just the earphones that come with my iPhone)
  • Neck Pillow

And that is essentially what I have packed in my carry on for a long haul flight!


If you’re only fly a short haul flight then check out my post on What’s in My Carry On – Short Haul Flights!

Day Trip to Capri

Hey Guys,

Back again, this time with some information for about a day trip to Capri from the Amalfi Coast. Heads up, there’s a ferry from Positano and it will be easier than doing what we did and heading into Sorrento, but alas travelling is all about learning!

Let’s hope you start your day trip off to Capri on a better note than we did, I was dead sure that we were going on a Wednesday, but on the Tuesday, luckily I woke early and was up and doing stuff and then about 8am I got back into bed and saw the prepaid ferry tickets next to it and I just had this feeling. Looking at the tickets, I was right we were meant to be going that day and had to be on the bus into Sorrento at 8:30, my boyfriend was still fast asleep and so I had to wake up, get dressed and be out of the door within 10 minutes. Anyway, long story short we made it into Sorrento for our 10:45am ferry with literally like 20 minutes to spare because the traffic was so heavy it took so much longer than it was meant to getting in. What we didn’t realise and perhaps was scared of, was that buying tickets on the day seemed to be an alright thing to do, we prepaid for ours out of fear that it would sell out and we wouldn’t be able to go. Maybe in the height of the Summer season, it would be a good idea but for this time of year (early June) it didn’t seem necessary.

The ferries are fast, it take’s around 25ish minutes to get to Capri from Sorrento, but it’s not a smooth ride, it’s rough and they do roll around a bit, these boats are built for speed, not a leisurely cruise, so if you get sea sick take some tablets beforehand!


Pulling into Capri, you’re greeted with a sight of colourful buildings, bright blue oceans and so many people, I honestly can’t imagine what it is like in the height of summer. Moving onwards to the next mistake we made, walking up to the town from Marina Grande. Don’t do it, just take the Funicular or the bus, it’s literally just 20 minutes of steep stairs and incline walking. It’s not fun and you’ll no longer look cute enough to take photos of yourself there. That walk was brutal it was hot and I’m unfit and I almost died, not to mention our morning was so rushed we hadn’t eaten or had any coffee so I was barely a human at the end of it, which meant the first thing we did was find a little restaurant to have some food and get some caffeine into our system. We settled on . what was probably Capri’s cheapest place to eat, I think we ended up spending about €50 on two pizzas, three espressos and a coke, be prepared for the inflated prices of Capri. We had about 6.5 hours between when we arrived and when the ferry we had booked home was and so we decided to take one of the tours around the island, where they show you tbe grottos and whatnot. Capri is famous for its Blue Grotto which I’m sure you’ve all seen photos of, however if you’re interested in going inside it make sure you check what the tides are like before you head over because the day we were there the tides were too high and you couldn’t get in. From what I heard, the day’s that it is open, if you’re on a tour you will sit there for at least an hour while everyone goes in and out so just be prepared for that.


Walking around the main town of Capri, you realise it’s set up for the rich, deisgner shops and exclusive hotels everywhere, waiters dressed head to toe in proper uniform’s which inculde matching shoes. It really is such a lovely city to just walk around and enjoy for what it is.

By about 4pm we were done and exhausted, however, our ferry back to Sorrento wasn’t until about 6:30pm so I thought I’d try our luck and head to the ticket booth and see if we could change our ferry for on that was about to leave, and luckily enough the nice man at the SNAV ticket counter let us exchange our ticket for an eariler ferry and we were off back into Sorrento.


So here’s the thing, Capri is beautiful but unless you’re staying on the island you’re probably going to need less time there than you think. Depending on whether or not the Blue Grotto is open and you do a boat tour you’ll really only need 4 hours there no longer, unless you’re up for some seriously expensive shopping! Which unfortuntely my bank account and I were not! There are other parts to the island, and they have buses that run all over Capri and Anacapri so there is more to do there than just what we did, however, we just wanted a day of chilling, seeing some things and swimming and to be honest the water was so rough that even at the beaches you really couldn’t swim and just chill which was slightly disappointing.

Plitvice National Park – A Must See When In Croatia…

When visiting this Unesco World Heritage site, and yes because it is on the world heritage list it is busy, prepare yourself for crowds, slow walkers and people who will take up an entire path just to take a photo, you may even be tempted to push them into the water for laughs (or maybe that’s just me), but do not let that put you off visiting this absolutely stunning piece of nature.

We took the bus from Zagreb, which was about 2.5 hours and we went early, leaving at 7:30 and arrive just before 10, the bus company was unorganised, to say the least, people were being swapped around buses etc but once we got going it was all good, the bus was clean and comfy and super easy, it dropped you off right at the front of entrance one into the waiting line to enter… To be honest, I think the later in the day you go the shorter the lines will be, just because most people get there early to give themselves time to walk the park, it just depends on how much time you want really. Entrance into the park was 150kn (£17ish) per person but that price does cover the electric ferry and the bus service they have within the park and so if you’ve bought your own food and water that’ll be the only money you shell out for the day.

There are 6 main walks each with a different walking time, depending on what entrance you start from and what you’re after from the park.
The walks starting from entrance 1 are as followed:

  • A (2-3h) is lower parts of the national park, only walking
  • B (3-4h) is the lower part of national park including sailing on lake Kozjak
  • C (4-6h) Walking, bus to upper parts of the national park and sailing on lake Kozjak
  • K (6-8h) Walking around the Whole national park.

And the walks from entrance 2 are as followed:

  • E (2-3h) Upper parts of the national park, only walking
  • F (3-4h) Like B tour. The only different starting point
  • H (4-6h) Like C tour. The only different starting point
  • K (6-8h) Walking around the whole national park.

We did walk C, which they recommend 4-6 hours from but really Lachy and I had finished it in just over 3 hours and we most definitely are not the fittest humans on this earth by any means, and this included a forced stop by me for food and coffee because I could definitely not handle a 3 hour walk uncaffinated and hungry. We had bought our own lunch but ended up buying a few things throughout the day, a couple of coffees, an ice cream each and some drinks but really other than the entrance fee we didn’t spend more than £10 the whole day…

Starting at entrance 1 you head immediately towards the big waterfall, let me tell you it was busy, there was a line curving around just to view the waterfall so we decided to skip it first up and come back if we had time (we did, it was much quieter at about 2pm).


As I said above your ticket includes the electric ferry that will take you from point 3 to point 2 or vice versa (depending on which entrance you take), you don’t need to take the ferry, you can walk the path but for people like me, the ferry was a welcome change. It was nice to sit and look around at the scenery, and if you can try and get a seat up the front for ultimate waterfall views, I, however, was one of the last people on the boat and so was stuck sitting in the middle of a row at the back 😦

Electric Ferry at Plitvice

As you walk around the park every few metres you come across a new waterfall, an incredible view or just something that will make you stop and appreciate how truly beautiful nature really can be, and as you get away from the shorter paths, the crowds get less and it gets quieter and you can actually hear the animals and breathe the fresh air and just enjoy it. The water is an absolutely incredible colour blue and ridiculously clear, honestly, it will make you want to jump right it, but don’t! Swimming is not allowed when at the park, which is slightly unfortunate because I can imagine on a hot day after walking for so long it’s all you’d wanna do!


As I said above we spent just over 3 hours walking. which left us with 3 hours to kill and so we went back and saw a few things we missed (like the big waterfall), hopped on the bus and rode it back to entrance one and then back again to entrance two. About 3pm it totally started pouring down with rain and so we took shelter in the little restaurant they had at entrance two and just killed time until it was time to get the bus back.

The journey back was about an hour longer than the journey there, we seemed to have gotten on a public bus that seemed to stop absolutely everywhere, which was a little annoying because by that point I just wanted dinner and to go to sleep, nevertheless, the trip out to Plitvice National Park was honestly amazing and something that you must do when coming to Croatia!

Update – Holiday/Life/Slovenia

I feel like I’ve been lucky enough to experience so many different places and cultures in my life, I’ve lived in different countries, I’ve spent my time being hosted by a family in Italy when I was in high school, there are so many places I have been but also there are so many more to see! I’m currently on probably the most amazing holiday in Europe I’ve ever been on and so far we’ve done so much and seen so much. As I’m writing this, I’m laying in our Airbnb in Zagreb with the window open, listening to the conversations from the people at the cafe below with 50’s music playing, I’ve just been at a wine and food tasting with Croatian produce and I am just genuinely so happy.

I’m not really sure in which direction this post is going to go, I just really got in the mood to jump on and write, it’s been just over a week since I’ve been on my blog and even had the motivation to write. The past week has just been kinda busy, we’re in our 4th city since last Friday so we haven’t had a lot of downtime, but it has been really good. The last post I posted about our holiday we had just left Budapest, since then we’ve been to Bratislava, Vienna, Salzburg, Bled, Ljubljana and now as I said above we’re in Zagreb.

I will post a more in-depth post about the cities and my general take on them, how I found them and what I liked and didn’t like about them, but for now, I really wanna talk about Slovenia (guess I figured out where I wanted this post to go haha!), it really is probably one of the most underrated countries, I never heard much about it, we really only went to see Lake Bled and we didn’t really know much about the country and what it had to offer, but my gosh were we surprised! We had a total of 4 nights in the country and that wasn’t enough and if I could go back and re-plan our trip I would take time out of Austria and put it into Slovenia! The country is beautiful, but the people, they’re honestly some of the nicest, most welcoming, will go out of their way to help you and make sure you’re happy kind of people, and coming from Austria it was most definitely so nice to not feel like an annoyance.

If I could recommend any place we’ve been so far it would be Slovenia, Lake Bled in particular, I think because I prefer the laid back, chilled vibes of smaller towns, I really enjoy any place that is quiet, but really Lake Bled was so incredibly peaceful, and probably one of the few places I have ever been where the reality is better than any photo anyone has shown me. We’ve been quite lucky with weather since starting our trip, however, the one day we had to explore Bled and the lake it was raining, even so, it was still incredible and by about 5pm the rain had cleared and we could venture out for a walk around the lake.


I don’t think any of the pictures I have taken do the lake any justice but it really is one place I would tell everyone the need to see!

We spent the next day on a 12-hour tour of Triglav National Park (which is Slovenia’s only national park). It was a long, tiring day but it was incredible. We did our tour through 3glav Adventures and our guide who was Jaka was just so good! Lachy and I aren’t really huge on hikes and walks etc.. but this was amazing, the views, the scenery, absolutely worth it. I mean it wasn’t hard hiking, there was a little but if scaling rocks on the side with nothing next to you, but there were wires to hold on to and honestly if I can make it out of there alive, anyone can do it – just perhaps wear better shoes than I did Adidas Stan Smiths look good but they’re a bit too slippery for scaling rocks!


We also got to do white water rafting, and oh my gosh if that wasn’t the most fun ever. I am such a water person, just being by it makes me happy but by the end of the rafting, I had a grin the entire length of my face on show.

Slovenia has really been such a stand out place and I really wasn’t expecting much from it, but it’s got to be one of my top 3 places I’ve been in my life so far! Anyone planning a trip to Europe you need to put Slovenia in and make it a priority, you will not be disappointed.

As I said above, a post about our experiences in Slovakia, Austria, and a lil more about Slovenia to come in the next week!

Let me know if you’ve been to any of the countries I’ve mentioned and what your experiences have been with them!

Bye guys! xxxxx

My Super Easy Every Day Holiday Make Up Routine!

Right guys, I thought I’d show you my everyday holiday make up routine, it takes me 5 minutes and its light and easy to wear when it’s hot and you’re out walking around discovering a city.



  1. I use the collection lasting perfection to conceal my under eyes, any spots on your face and I get quite a lot of redness in my T-zone so I put a little concealer on my forehead and chin, and the blend out using my Real Techniques stippling brush!
  2. Using the L’Oréal True Match Super Blendable Powder I set my T-Zone to keep it from getting overly oily throughout the day!
  3. I use the no.7 bronzer and bronze my face up nice and bronzey for the holiday glow!
  4. Using the no.7 blush I dab a little on the Apple of my cheeks for a bit of colour and life in my face!
  5. A tiny bit of Mac Soft and Gentle highlighting powder
  6. And as always to ensure your face set and flawless setting spray! I use Urban Decay All Nighter!

Keep in mind I’m not some makeup artist and I’m not the best at makeup application, but yeah this is honestly such an easy routine to just chuck on, it gives me enough coverage without being over the top and me having to worry about how it wears throughout the day!

What’s On My Travel Bucket List

A Bucket List, isn’t it a fun thing to think about, a list of things you want to do and places you want to see while you still can.. I feel very lucky to have already crossed a fair bit off of mine already but here’s the list of what’s left!

  • Maldives – Yeah so like the sooner I can go here the better hahaha
  • New Zealand – I would love to road trip both islands, everyone I know who’s been to New Zealand has nothing but good things to say about it, and honestly, it looks so beautiful from all the photos I’ve seen!
  • USA – Lachy and I wanna do a road trip starting in the south, mostly for the food, actually essentially just for the food, but also like to see places like California and Florida.
  • New York City – I’m putting this separately to the rest of the USA because honestly the first opportunity I get I’m gonna go, even if its just a trip for nothing else but New York City.
  • Canada -Doesn’t the landscape of Canada honestly just look incredible, so much to see and do!
  • Iceland – I’m actually really sad we didn’t get to head to Iceland while we were living over here but we ran out of time/it’s pretty expensive but we do plan on coming back to see the Northern Lights
  • South America (Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru) – I think this will be the next big holiday that we do once I’ve finished uni
  • Australia – Yes I am Australian, I live in Aus but I would honestly love to road trip the whole country, there are so many amazing places I have yet to see.
  • Botswana & Namibia – I really want to do a safari trip as well as see the amazing landscape these countries have to offer!
  • Egypt – When I was younger I was obsessed with Egypt and it’s history and I have been begging my boyfriend to go! We also found a really good diving school that we wanna do while we’re there!
  • Dubai/Abu Dhabi/Qatar – Any one of these cities really, I’ve flown through a couple of them and honestly seeing them even from the sky they look incredible!
  • Japan – Japan looks like it has the most incredible things to see and do. I’d actually like to go for the 2020 Olympics but we’ll have to see!

As far as I can think right now that list is full of the places I desperately want to visit, but really someone could be like I booked you a ticket here and I’d be more than happy to go!

What about you guys? Have you been to any of these places? What’s on your travel bucket list?

Krakow – Kosice – Budapest


Hey hey, guys!

Right as I’ve mentioned 100x I’m currently travelling Europe, getting some sun and culture and just generally having a blast! While I’m away I think I’ll just do quick posts with a few cities in one with what we did, where we stayed and how we got there etc..

Let’s get started!


Our first stop on our adventure was Krakow, we spent 2 nights here which probably wasn’t enough to get to see the whole city itself as well as venture out to Auschwitz and Birkenau concentration camps… As far as where we stayed, it was honestly probably a bit further out of the old town than we would have liked which was something we didn’t realise until we got there, however, Uber was so cheap we just grabbed one of those in and out of the old town!

Our first afternoon there had us exploring the old town and just hanging out sitting outside a pub, having a beer and just enjoying the sun! We ended up having dinner at this burger place called Moaburger (which funny enough was recommended to Lachy when he was in an Uber pool by the guy he was sharing it with!) and honestly this burger was probably the best chicken burger (I had the Chilli Chicken burger Hot) I’ve ever eaten, it was fresh and spicy and honestly amazing! If you’re ever in Krakow you need to check this place out! It’s a little small and the first time we walked past there was no seats but we just went and had a beer at a near by pub and by the time we had finished that there was a table free!


The next day we did a tour of Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camps, I did a lot of research on whether or not it was worth going through a tour guide company or just doing it yourself and I decided to go through a company and honestly I’m so glad I did! We did it through Cracow Local Tours and it cost us about £60 I think from memory so it was slightly up there in price but well worth it. They organised a pick up from our accommodation to the old town and then onwards to the camps!

This is where going with our tour group really paid off, we didn’t have to line for anything, tickets or even security, they opened a separate security line just for us which meant no unnecessary standing in line! The camps themselves were intense, it’s kinda hard to imagine how many people suffered there, what people went through and with the Birkenau camp the sheer size of it. I kind of felt like it was place that really needed to be respected and honoured so I really didn’t take very many photos.


I want to post just this one photo at the Birkenau camp, it’s so long you can barely see the entrance from the end of the train line.

That afternoon we headed back to old town and honestly just kinda pub/cafe hopped until it was time for dinner. I had been told about this place called Chata which apparently did really good polish food and they were right, the food was really good and traditional which is exactly what we were looking for!




So Kosice was really just somewhere we picked as a stopover between Krakow and Budapest. We ended up using the Leo express company to book a bus from Krakow to Kosice. My guess is because it’s not a popular route they used a minivan which was still good, they provided WiFi and water and it was actually pretty comfortable. It took about 4 hours between places including a few stops to drop others off.

It makes me sad we didn’t spend any more than a night here, it was such a chilled, relaxing vibe, we could just sit and drink beer and eat and just enjoy! Not to mention how lovely the Main Street was, there was a group singing ABBA songs and the sun was out and it was just a really nice place to be for the night.


Budapest is the place we’ve spent the most time in, we arrived about midday and had a few hours to kill before we could check in to our Airbnb so we ended up at a place called Cafe Vian (really good food and drinks and the service was top notch) and had quite a long lunch there before heading to our Airbnb. We were staying in the 5th district (for some reason referring to things in districts always makes me think of The Hunger Games hahah) which ended up being such a good location to be in, we could walk everywhere!

The first night we just had a casual night, going for a walk up to the palace and having a look out over the city, the cityscape is just incredible in Budapest, so many incredible buildings to see.



Our next day we started the day with a coffee from this coffee shop called “My Little Melbourne” which was honestly probably the best coffee I’ve had since I stopped working like 3 weeks ago! We honestly just walked, we didn’t really have any intentions or any plan and we ended up right by the number 2 tram (which was voted the most idyllic public transport route) it takes you right along the Danube past all the incredibly iconic buildings of Budapest and we ended up heading past the parliament building before we headed for lunch at a resturant called Pozsonyi Kisvendeglo, the food was amazing however the service, not sure if because we weren’t Hungarian and could speak only English but the waitress seemed a lot ruder to us than the other people dining around us, but anyway the food was really good so I mean that’s the important part!



When it came to dinner for that day we literally spent an hour and a half walking around pretty much a majority of the city trying to find somewhere to eat, we eventually stumbled across this restaurant called Apacuka Etterem, which turned out to have amazing food and really good service and such a nice relaxing atmosphere! I would definitely recommend eating here!


The next day we had quite a late start to the day, heading out for lunch before heading on a wine tour we booked through Airbnb Experiences. We headed to three different wineries drinking many glasses of wine! At the second winery, I got to bottle, cork and label my own wine! Naturally then I had to buy it, good thing the wine was yummy! The third winery included a home cooked traditional Hungarian dish of beef stew and dumplings, which was actually one of the best things I’ve eaten since we’ve been away, it was delicious!


What’s In My Carry On – Short Haul

Hey Guys!

As I’ve mentioned so many times I’m going on holiday today! So I thought I’d show you guys what I pack in my carry on bag for a short haul flight!


  1. Wireless Headphones
  2. Gum – I feel like I literally cannot get on a plane without gum, I think it’s because of the first time I went on a plane and Mum said that chewing gum would help with the pressure in my ears…
  3. Hand Cream – I can’t stand my hands being dry, so really I carry hand cream with me everywhere, I am really loving this Body Shop British Rose hand cream lately, it smells so nice.
  4. Lip Balm – Same goes with my lips can’t stand them being dry and always carry lip balm
  5. Phone – I think this one is a little obvious, can’t go anywhere without it
  6. Watch – So I like having a wristwatch, I do have a Fitbit, however, it’s kind of annoying to travel with because it’s just another thing that needs to be charged…
  7. Passport – Obviously, Can’t get into another country without it…
  8. Kindle – Need entertainment for the plane and it’s really one of the places I can get a lot of reading done!
  9. Purse – Again this one is obvious
  10. Sunglasses – Just in case it’s sunny where we land
  11. Normal Earphones

Right, yes now, I do have two different sets of headphones/earphones… This is because, while I love my over-ear wireless headphones, they are annoying if I wanna rest my head to the side and have a nap or if I’m wearing earrings or anything, so I have both so I can swap between depending or my mood or what I wanna do… hahaha

Anyway, guys, that’s what’s in my carry on bag for this trip!