2018 in Review

Hey Guys, long time no blog, somehow life keeps passing and my days just seem to get busier and busier. BUT Happy New Year guys. I hope 2019 brings you absolutely everything you want out of it. My year has started with some severely bad sunburn all because I thought I was tougher than the sun and decided to not put sunscreen on the back of my legs, which incidentally is the worst place to get burnt because I can barely bend my knees but is okay, I’ll survive.

Anyway, I thought that getting back into my blog by writing a new post all about my year and what happened and just generally looking back and reflecting.

The year started with my parents coming to visit Lachy and I in London, and we spent 10 days at my uncle’s place in the Cotswolds, before heading to the Lake District for Easter. Making the mistake of driving up Good Friday with every other person in London apparently and what was meant to be a 3-hour drive ended up taking double that.

Following my parent’s visit, it was nearly time for Lachy and I to pack up our lives and start our journey home but before heading back to Australia we had our 2.5 month trip around Europe to embark on. I have written a few posts on some places that we went and reviews on some of the tours we did and airlines we flew on which I will link at the bottom of the page if you’re interested in reading them. I had some stand out places from this trip namely being Slovenia, Amalfi Coast, Nice/South of France and Portugal. We had such an amazing time to

After our trip ended we headed back to my hometown Adelaide and spent 10 days with my family and just relaxing before heading home to Perth and back to reality.  It was so lovely to be able to spend some quality time with my whole family after being away for 2 years and Lachy got a chance to finally meet my dad and everyone which was lovely.

Heading back to Perth meant the start of a new job, new degree and living with Lachy’s parents. Everything has been pretty steady since then, work, uni, life etc.. However, we did head to Melbourne for the AFL grand final which saw Lachy’s beloved West Coast Eagles win the grand final, post-grand final we headed to Fiji for a friends wedding, where we spent 10 days relaxing and living our best life, it was amazing. During this trip, we headed home via Brisbane to see Lachy’s brother, his wife and meet their lil bubba, who was born in May. We spent a week there and meeting this lil baby and looking after him and seeing Lachy feed him and play with him sent my ovaries into overdrive and I am literally like the luckiest person right now and all I want is a lil baby.

Post Fiji literally saw life go back to work and uni and nothing exciting, I managed to pass all my exams (even my maths unit winning) and pass all my classes yay! Coming to the middle of December I went back to Adelaide and visit my family again, even had some early Christmas celebrations which was lovely since I haven’t been home around Christmas time since 2014.

And that essentially brings us up to today, we had a really chilled New Years Eve at home, we made a nice dinner (beef wellington and creme brulee), had a super nice bottle of wine and just hung out, it was almost perfect, the only thing ruin it was Lachys parents being home, I honestly can not wait to be in our own house (not that there’s anything wrong with his parents and it’s super kind of them to let us live here, and they’re absolutely lovely people, I just want my own space).

I hope you all had an amazing year and hopefully, 2019 see’s me actually spending more time on my blog.


Blogging Challenge: Day 28

Day 28: My Most Embarrassing Moment

Oh gosh, right so this one I can’t even think of one particular moment that was deathly embarrassing because I am constantly embarrassing myself, saying the wrong thing, falling over, dropping stuff really the list is endless…

I, however, think the most embarrassed I’ve felt was the first time I dislocated my knee purely because I was at work and I screamed so loudly and everyone looked at me and just continued to stare at me and the next minute some people who heard me scream from down the street had jumped the counter to see if I was okay (which was incredibly sweet of them but yeah). I guess at the moment I didn’t really think about it, it’s more thinking about it after where I cringe because I don’t remember much but I do remember everyone staring at me and those people jumping the counter…

And anyway that’s all I could think of that stuck out to me…

Holiday Planning Part Two – Travel between Cities

Right guys, I’m back with an update on how our holiday planning is going. I think my last update was back in December and we’d booked everything but our travel within Europe because most of it is just not possible so far out.We’re now at the point in which we can start and starting to realise how some places while looking relatively easy to travel between aren’t necessarily.

The place we’re noticing this most is Croatia, not realising perhaps quite naively that Bosnia and Herzegovina splits Croatia in half which made finding transport from Zadar to Dubrovnik quite difficult if we didn’t wanna sit on a bus for 8 hours, alas that is the option that we’ve had to go for in the end. We also struggled to find travel routes from Pula to Zadar that again wasn’t an entire day, however, lucky there is a flight route with Croatian airlines which we can grab. Once we’d sorta calculated the costs of flying (€80ish) for the two of us inc luggage, with a half hour flight, the bus honestly wasn’t that much cheaper and just took a lot longer. This was one of those situations which you need to add the cost of your time into the equation and we decided that the flight would be so much easier, despite me starting this whole planning thing wanting to avoid any airport at all costs! (I hate airports, they stress me out). As far as leaving Croatia and heading into Italy, its really quite as simple as getting the overnight ferry from Dubrovnik, which we managed to spend about €200 for the both of us on a cabin with a shower, I mean that includes a night of accommodation and breakfast.

We found it relatively easy to find travel between places in sort of Eastern Europe (Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria), probably the easiest section of our holiday to find travel options!

When it came to booking trains in Italy I found this really good website (Italiarail) that showed so many good options for travelling between major train stations in Italy and they were so cheap! This website also gave me a route which has allowed us 3.5 hours to explore Rome which we hadn’t planned on and having been to Rome I know this enough time to see the major sites in Rome. I mean I’m sure there are other sites out there that provide the same services but I honestly just found this site so convenient and easy to use! I used this site to book trains from Naples to La Spezia, we’re actually staying in Riomaggiore which is just 8 or so minutes on a local train from La Spezia, I also used it to book from La Spezia to Genoa.

The only other place I really had an issue was Barcelona to Seville and really the issue was we hadn’t budgeted enough purely out of naivety and not really realising how far away they are from each other and obviously, it was gonna take time and would be more expensive. Once I realised this and I came to terms with the fact we would have to spend 3x our original budget (142€ for the two of us) and a 5.5-hour journey on the fast train it was okay! There was a cheaper option for like 60€ for the two of us but that was an 11 hour travel time and as we’re doing this journey on my birthday I decided that the more expensive, shorter travel time was the option for us!

For everything else we pretty much just used Flixbus (we’ve used Flixbus before doing Bruges -> London and they were great) :

  • Kosice -> Budapest
  • Budapest -> Bratislava
  • Ljublana -> Zagreb
  • Zagreb -> Pula
  • Bari -> Naples
  • Genoa -> Nice
  • Nice ->  Marseille
  • Marseille -> Barcelona

Whats left that I haven’t mentioned are places in which we’re going to buy when were there and using local transport essentially and the only travel we haven’t booked is in Portugal because that’s still too far out for anything to be available, hoping that they start showing this week before Lachy finishes work and we have to go find somewhere to print the tickets!

I think the thing we had to decide on was how much our time was worth versus the travel time like I mentioned above for Barcelona to Seville we went the more expensive, shorter route, whereas in other places we chose the less expensive, longer route. Our main factor in this was the amount of time we had to spend in a place, the longer the travel time, the shorter the time we had to spend in a place so we really only chose the longer option in places we had a few days so we didn’t lose as much exploring time!

And yeah that’s an update on where we are at with our planning, we’ve essentially paid for all accommodation and travel and we leave next week! I can’t believe it’s almost time to set off on our journey, it barely feels real, all this planning is finally coming together…!

Make sure you head to my other post about booking accommodation in Europe!

Holiday Planning – Part 1 Accommodation

Travel Map!

Blogging Challenge: Day 14

Day 14: 3 Healthy Habits

So my 3 healthy habits are

  1. I drink at least 2L of water a day
  2. I try to make sure I do at least 10000 steps a day
  3. I don’t cook a meal without at least 3 veggies in it

Hahah so this one is a little short and sweet today! But there’s day 14, two weeks in nearly half way there!

Blogging Challenge: Day 8

Oh gosh, I’m so behind on these! sorry guys, I will upload 8,9&10 today, I’ve just been so busy with my mum before she leaves haha! I did also want to upload a blog about the Harry Styles concert I went to on Wednesday but I may do that later this weekend so I’m not over posting!

ANYWAY here’s day 8!

I think currently my goals mostly related to when I am back in Australia, however, here is day 8!

Day 8: 5 Current Goals

  1. To work on my anxiety when I go to and from airports and with flying ( I am an absolute terrible flyer, my anxiety levels rocket especially on long haul flights and I have one coming up.)
  2. Actually just work on my anxiety in general (I am umming and ahhing about whether or not to write a blog about this)
  3. To get fit and healthy and back into my fitness like I was before I moved to London
  4. To save enough money with Lachy for us to move back into our house in a year and be able to spend the money to do it up and to buy good quality furniture and plates and cutlery and to be able to style it in the way we want.
  5. To finish uni (this is definitely a long term goal)

There we go, 5 of my current goals!

The Anxiety of Saying Goodbye

Do you ever feel anxious at the thought of leaving a place and having other people say they’ll miss you and like having to say goodbye to people..

Naturally because I’m leaving London, I have to leave my job and the people I work with and the customers I see everyday. Today, one of my customers is going on holiday and she’s not gonna be here for my last day and she’s saying goodbye and how she’s gonna miss me, I really don’t cope well with emotions from others or pretty much anyone but my boyfriend, same goes with hugging. And yesterday some of my fave regulars sat there and told me they’re gonna miss me and it’s just made me so anxious for my actual last day. I feel like I should also mention my cafe is inside an office building and we only deal with people who work for one particular company so I see the same people everyday and build relationships with them and they’re like my friends…

But like after this one goodbye and how bad and anxious it’s making me feel, I’m at the point where I want to call in sick on my last day to avoid having to say goodbye to everyone and having to deal with it all..

Anyone have any ideas of how to deal with this and just not run away??? I swear my anxiety will be the death of me hahah. damn.

Blogging Challenge: Day 4

Hey guys, day 4 of the challenge today!

Day 4: My Dream Job

Right, so my dream job before I moved to London was to be a Neurosurgeon and I was at uni working towards that goal. I had prepared myself for the years of study ahead, but then life happened and I met my boyfriend and we moved to London and I put that dream on hold. While I’ve been over here I have ummed and ahhed about going back and continuing that path and working towards that but I have learned a lot about myself and also a lot about what I want in life and I decided that I want to go back and teach children and honestly I am so excited, I can’t wait to get back to uni and get into teaching.

Blogging Challenge: Day 2

And we’re back for challenge day 2! I feel like I may struggle with this one!

Day 2: 20 Facts About Me

  1. I am 22 years old
  2. I’m originally from Adelaide, Australia
  3. I left home when I was 18 and move to Perth, Australia
  4. I now live in London
  5. I’m moving back to Perth this year
  6. I work as an Assistant Manager in a cafe
  7. I hate my job
  8. I have the worlds sweetest and loving boyfriend, I feel so incredibly lucky every day to have him
  9. I need both my knees surgically reconstructed, but they won’t do it until I’m older so my knees like to dislocate occasionally which is fun
  10. I am really into planning with paper planners and stickers and pretty things
  11. My favourite city in the world is Florence, I always feel such a sense of calm and happiness when I go there and I think that’s because the first time I was there was about this time 7 years ago on a school trip but Florence was the city I spent the most time alone exploring and I just relive that every time I am there.
  12. I have a serious online shopping addiction, like its seriously so bad
  13. I deferred my Neuropsychology degree for two years to move to London, but when I am back in Australia I’m going to swap into Primary School Teaching
  14. Airports and flying gives me intense anxiety
  15. My favourite food is like steamed pork dumplings or my Grannys lasagne OR anything with truffle in it OR antipasti platters with cheeses and olives and cured meats
  16. I get bored with my hair VERY quickly (keep an eye out for a post coming this weekend about that)
  17. I prefer savory food over sweet
  18. Snow makes me so happy, I completely change when I see snow
  19. I’m not very good at being strict with myself and having self-control
  20. I have two tattoos, both on my left wrist and both done by two friends with a needle and a pot of ink, I love them both and the stories behind them, they make me so happy to look at

AAAAANNNNND that took me so long to think of but there you are 20 facts about yours truely.

Where’s the wine? – I need to vent a lil bit

You know those days that just start bad and keeping getting worse?

Like this morning there were delays on my train so I was kinda late to work (not really I arrived when my shift started but I usually arrive early) and then when I walked into work at 6:30 to discover we had no water, last nights staff that closed had completely drained the coffee machine to the point where it was steaming and so it was just shut off. Naturally when I tell customers we have no water and we can’t make coffee they yell at me because it’s obviously my fault. All of this before 9am and I couldn’t even have a coffee to make me human!

Is it home time yet and can I eat pizza and drink a bottle of wine?

Thank god I only have 9 more shifts until I’m holiday

30 Day Blogging Challenge!

All right guys, I want to step up my blogging game and I think the best way to start a habit an continue it is to just stick with it for 30 days. In the future especially while traveling and when back at uni I probably won’t daily blog but for the next month lets have some fun and give it a try! I feel like it’ll also be a good way for you guys to get to know me 🙂

Day 1: My Blogs Name and Why?
Day 2: 20 Facts About Me
Day 3: My Favourite Quote
Day 4: My Dream Job
Day 5: My Proudest Moment
Day 6: What Am I Afraid Of?
Day 7: 5 Favourite Songs
Day 8: 5 Current Goals
Day 9: Whats in My Bag?
Day 10: Best Trip of My Life
Day 11: 10 Favourite Foods
Day 12: My Favourite Childhood Book
Day 13: Whats Inside My Fridge
Day 14: 3 Healthy Habits
Day 15: Where will I Be In 5 Years?
Day 16: Current Skin Care Routine
Day 17: My Favourite Blogs
Day 18: A Photograph Of Myself
Day 19: My Favourite Movie
Day 20: What Makes Me Happy
Day 21: What Makes Me Sad
Day 22: My Worst Habits
Day 23: If I Won the Lottery
Day 24: What Attracts Me (in Love)
Day 25: My Biggest Regret
Day 26: My Hidden Talent
Day 27: Whats in My Closet?
Day 28: My Most Embarrassing Moment
Day 29: A Confession
Day 30: My Hopes For My Blog

Challenge starts tomorrow, I am excited! Bring it on!